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"We're about 20 minutes away from the point where Clarke's law kicks in and technology becomes indistinguishable from magic."
- Peter Watts

Hide in the Asteroids  
  Match speed with the asteroids and become undetectable.  

“There’s a meteor-stream,” he said. “What we want is time and peace in which to make our plans. I’ll dive into that stream and match up with it. We’ll be one of several million small objects heading out to aphelion in the track of a comet nobody’s ever seen. With our drive off and a little care, there’s no faintest danger that we’ll ever be picked up. I’ve supplies for a long enough time. We’ll be beyond the outermost planets before we put the drive on again, and then we’ll start for . . . where shall we go, Sally? Sirius? Rigel? I’ve heard there are some new colonies out beyond Rigel where things are rough and tough and the brass hats haven’t yet been able to sit back with their tummies sticking out with dignity to regulate everything to justify their feeling of importance."

(Hide in the Meteors from 'Plague' by Murray Leinster)

The position of the dwarf blue-white star of this solar system, and of its several planets, was accurately before him on the naviboard. There was a transparent map of the meteor-streams. with their inclination to the ecliptic. With such a map and a divider it was simple enough to navigate, especially when you used detector-screens to fine out your results. He worked in the halflight of the instrument dials. He punched the computer and set the motor controls.

Technovelgy from Plague, by Murray Leinster.
Published by Astounding Science Fiction in 1944
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This technique may remind some readers of similar situations in the Star Wars movies.

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