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Isaac Asimov was born in Petrovichi, Russia in 1920. He was awarded a PhD in Biochemistry in 1948 and joined the faculty of Boston University. He started writing science fiction in 1939. He wrote:
"at the age of nine, he found the love of his life (in the inanimate sense) when he discovered his first science-fiction magazine. By the time he was eleven, he began to write stories, and at eighteen, he actually worked up the nerve to submit one. It was rejected. After four long months of tribulation and suffering, he sold his first story and, thereafter, he never looked back."
His extraordinary output comprises some 500 volumes on every conceivable subject. His most famous science fiction works include the Foundation trilogy and I, Robot.
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Agricultural World
Planet set aside for the production of food for another world.

Foundation (1951)

Air Speedster
Highly maneuverable air vehicle for hunting.

Foundation (1951)

Air-Taxi - hail the skies
A flying taxicab with autonomous features.

Prelude to Foundation (1988)

Anti-Robot Propaganda
Human activity against robots.

Liar (1941)

Anti-Spying Device
Foolproof means of defending against spy beams.

Foundation (1951)

Asteroid Mining Robot
An autonomous robot able to effectively mine asteroids.

Catch That Rabbit (1944)

Automatic Ticket Machine - your ticket to the stars
Get your ticket to Trantor automatically.

Second Foundation (1953)

An autonomous private car.

Sally (1953)

An autonomous or self-driving bus seating a number of people.

Sally (1953)

Autonomous Car Intercommunication
Automatic cars talk to each other about everything.

Sally (1953)

Book-Film - literary storage
A storage medium for books.

Prelude to Foundation (1988)

Calculator Pad - grandfather of the pocket calculator
Used to make psychohistoric calculations

Foundation (1951)

Using a device to view different points in time.

The Dead Past (1956)

Computers Improve Computers
The idea that it will be possible for computers to design more advanced computers.

The Feeling of Power (1958)

Dainties - tasty spheres
Flavor spheres artificially grown.

Prelude to Foundation (1988)

Diamagnetic Levitation
Levitation accomplished using magnetic field's interference with the motion of electrons orbiting the atoms or molecules of a material.

The Currents of Space (1962)

Directional Ticket - the ticket guides you
A ticket that also has the property of glowing while you are going toward what you bought.

Foundation (1951)

Disinto - a disintegrating ray
A disintegrating ray.

Robot AL-76 Goes Astray (1941)

Edge Controls
A pocket-sized device using controls on the edge of the device, leaving the face for display purposes only.

The Feeling of Power (1958)

Energy Converter
Massive unit on the sunside of Mercury converts heat into energy, and beams it around the solar system.

Runaround (1942)

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