Clarence Edward Heller:
Science Fiction Technology and Ideas
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Bird-Like Robots
Robotic birds used in a stage play.

Flamingo: A Drama of A.D. 1950 (1930)

Indoor Stadium
An entirely enclosed baseball stadium.

Flamingo: A Drama of A.D. 1950 (1930)

Pipe with lighting built in.

Flamingo: A Drama of A.D. 1950 (1930)

Robot Waiter
Robotic restaurant servitor.

Flamingo: A Drama of A.D. 1950 (1930)

Provides sight directly to the brain-cells of the sightless.

Flamingo: A Drama of A.D. 1950 (1930)

Theater Seat Indicators
Vacant seats are clearly shown.

Flamingo: A Drama of A.D. 1950 (1930)

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