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Richard Morgan was born in London in 1965, grew up in the Fens, got a degree in political science from Cambridge, taught English as a foreign language in Spain, Turkey, Scotland and then finally back in London. He writes:

"I was born in London, bustled out in my crib to East Anglia aged 5 months and subsequently spent the next seventeen years of my life in and around Norwich. Not a bad place to grow up if you don't count the total lack of bumps in the landscape - Norfolk looks as if Slartibartfast took a huge pair of scissors and cut out any geographical feature more than about ten metres above sea level."

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Automatic Hotel (Hotel Hendrix) - the hotel is your host

Altered Carbon (2003)

Autosurgeon - doctor's robot helper

Altered Carbon (2003)

Cortical Stack - USB/WiFi flashdrive for your brain

Altered Carbon (2003)

External Eyelenses - make a spectacle of yourself

Altered Carbon (2003)

Illuminum - glows with its own light

Altered Carbon (2003)

Mandroid - a mechanical human

Altered Carbon (2003)

Needlecast - tightbeam transmission of being

Altered Carbon (2003)

Olfactory Wakeup Call - wakey wakey eggs and bakey

Altered Carbon (2003)

Philips Squeeze Gun

Altered Carbon (2003)

Spray-on Surgical Gloves

Altered Carbon (2003)

Synthetic Sleeve - artificial body

Altered Carbon (2003)

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