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Anthony Boucher (1911 - 1968) was an editor of science fiction in the US, as well as a mystery writer. Editor of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction for several years
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Micro Book (Microbook) - perfect for space travel

One Way Trip (1943)

Robass - a robotic mule

The Quest for Saint Aquin (1951)

Robot Chef - a creative cook

Robinc (1943)

Robot Taste Buds

Robinc (1943)

Royalties For Imitation Learning Subjects

Q.U.R. (1943)

Usuform Robot - not a mechanical man

Q.U.R. (1943)

Usuform Robot Bartender - with tentacles

Q.U.R. (1943)

Verhaeren Factor - creative machines

Robinc (1943)

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