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Martin Caidin (1927-1997) wrote more than fifty books and at least a thousand magazine articles. An authority on aeronautics and aviation, he established his own company to promote these subjects for a younger audience. It was this work that caused him to begin writing fiction. He won the Aviation/Space Writers Association award twice. Perhaps his best-known work (for readers of sf) is Cyborg, which was adopted for The Six Million Dollar Man.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Methanol-Powered Robot Muscles - Bend It Like Bender
   Researchers working on better muscles for prosthetic devices accidentally stumble on Matt Groenings robot creation.
Toyota Robot Leg Has Bird-Like Vertical Leap
   Robotic leg achieves early NBA verticals, but its pretty good for a robot.
Your Can-Crushing Bionic Hand Is Ready, Steve Austin
   Robotic hand shows exceptional grip strength.
i-Limb System Robot Arm Stronger Than Yours
   This is a remarkable development; Touch Bionics is the creator of an amazingly usable bionic hand as well.
Bluetooth-Enabled Robot Legs Talk To Each Other
   These legs are not yet bionic, but they do help a double-amputee vet by talking with each other - using the same technology you use with you cell phone.
Luke Arm Robotic Prosthesis
   This is a different type of device; one of the design requirements was that it had no invasive controls. Just strap it on and go.
Fuel Powered Muscles For Robots
   Will it be possible to have a human-sized robot that can perform the same work as a person on battery power alone?
Curved Electronic Eye Camera Like Retina
   Great development for Six Million Dollar Man fans; this is starting to look like bionic eyes might really work.
MichelAngelo Bionic Hand
   Evoking the image of Michelangelo's Hand of God, a new prosthetic device is successfully implanted.
DEKA 'Luke' Prosthetic Arm Gains VA Funding
   This remarkable video shows just how far the science of prosthetics has come. A bionic arm, like that of the Six Million Dollar Man? We're getting pretty close.
SmartHand Helps Amputees Regain Sensation
   An important advance in creating artificial hands that restore sensation to amputees.
Artificial Muscles Power A Motor
   I'm pretty sure I read about this idea in the Sixties.
Artificial Muscles Made From Carbon Nanotube Yarn
   This research could lead to miniaturized electric motors, compressors, and turbines.
A Prosthetic Arm That Feels
   Amazing next-generation work by surgeons and engineers catches up with last-generation science fiction imagination.
BlueBiped Passively-Powered Robotic Legs
   Take a walk, and let gravity be your energy source.
iWalk BiOM Power Foot
   Walk naturally, bionic men.
3D Printed Artificial Muscles Are Stronger Than Yours
   Bots don't need to work out.
Soft Filaments Form Artificial Muscles
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