Nikon Eyes

Artificially cultivated eyes that can be transplanted to replace (or repair) your original pair. (Read the full article)

"Let's not forget the wonderful scene in Blade Runner, where the replicants trace their origin by paying a visit to Chu, the subcontractor responsible for growing their eyes in his subzero lab. Confronted with their lethal menace, he can only bleat: "I just make eyes, genetic design of eyes." "
(Guillermo 8/2/2004 11:51:49 AM )

Got it! More pics here.
(Bill Christensen 10/24/2004 9:12:55 PM )
"In the Sprawl tableau (of which Neuromancer is a part), the best artificially cultivated eyes are by Zeiss Ikon. The Nikons are (according to the short story "Burning Chrome") generally inferior and more prone to side effects but cheaper--more affordable on the street."
( 1/19/2007 1:55:43 PM )

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