A very particular formula for human immortality, which solves the most serious attendant problem (population explosion). (Read the full article)

"This 'new' method of preventing puberty is actually the oldest, found in the 'hidden' archaic core of mystic practices ('secret' teachings), those concerned with body health and with freedom from inner drives as well as environmental stress (including human-made). The 'old way' of this story, the anti-ageing way of stimulating relationship, love, hornomes, or alternatively brain and genes, is used in more known forms of mysticism of power (of body or of mind), both in East and West cultures. "never found a reason to come together".... There is another way that is neither the sexual and social-games way or ego-will-power way, nor that of arresting growth, but a Way of Freedom: 'being one' with what is conventionally called 'others', and being free of judgements and biased values unless there is emergency. Life is then slower, butless twisted, with a 'perfected' mind, with more adequate creative intuition actually relevant to one's own living (not just 'survival') and non-"driving" 'instincts' such as 'spontaneous yoga' that gives the body a chance to complete its growth physically far beyond what anatomy and physiology consider 'normal' (eg a straighter spine that uses gravity rather than fight it, or non-degeneration of thymus and bone marrow) - this with less need to grow foods industrially but without 'starvation damage' or need for drastic diet control, and a life that 'works well' without need for goal-seeking and problem-solving most of the time. This was one orginal goal of mystic practices that sought to 'restore Original Human' or becoming a 'Full Human', sought simple 'Freedom' and 'paradise on earth', rather than illumination or enlightenment or 'powers' or 'Liberation from Ego agitation'. This may relate to the way Neanderthal man could cope with great cold and environments difficult for humans, and yet 'develop' specifically human capacities, in harmony with that Nature. What's the difference ? A mere matter of degree and a matter of looking at things differently, without valuing positively or negatively what is actually going on in a body, in a life (eg no defining of 'illness' or 'social-adaptated' or 'success', even in longevity). Just make adequate use of what is. The means are neither subjective-internal-socio-religious, mor objective-external-scientific, but make use of philosophical perspective, geometrical topology, and following rather than compensating for what is happening. Then, there would be no problem of death, of social dysfunction or of overpopulation."
(Human 4/23/2004 2:37:28 PM )
"I would have to say, what the crap are you talking about in the first post. The Neandertals died out, and therefore your supposition, which it is only, cannot be correct. If they had what you seem to be implying, then they would be the ruling class of Earth, e.g. homo sapiens and not neandertal. In the second place, it is an extremely rigorous exercise to deny the fact that humans, specifically do not ignore the hormones within their body since that is one of the most primitive and driving force issues that we face. The basic premise that Niven tried to capture, which you obviously have no clue to with the ramblings and nonsensical terms that you so loosely make use of, is to extrapolate taking the hormones from humans and then trying to explore what would happen to the planet then. I find Larry Nivens point of view on this to be unique and quite entertaining. Please spare the new age rambling that has NO basis in scientific method, by which I mean that the test or methods derived must be as impartial as possible and not biased by the same thing you have written above. I think that the Dark ages prove the thinking that you are covering here. or kill the cats during the black plague because they are the mystical devil and let the rats run loose because they make the cats run from humans. pretty stupid thinking without utilizing some form of control."
( 8/30/2005 7:00:23 AM )
"I could care less about everyones idiotic excuses why things can not be close to perfection. So one of the problems to immortality is over-population huh...screw you, there is much more going on in this world in technological advancements then just trying to live forever. We will eventually start colonizing other planets (so breed on horny homo-sapians). If I had to be stuck in forever land going through puberty for eternity, I would kill all of you mortals from my hormone imbalances. lol There are rules to order and advancement. First we must beat the fecease out of all the doubters in this world. Second, we must combine all information available to come to an conclusion towards fixing any problem that "cant be fixed". There is always a solution if the desire is strong enough. One more thing, those who appose will be left behind. If you dont agree with an idea, you dont have to be a part of it. Screw everybody ^_^. (High levels of cobalt cause more aggresion)- where did that come from lol... srry for this post, I had to much coffee lol"
(Mr. I'm always right screw you. 9/24/2005 3:32:18 AM )
"other planets don't have anything worth the cost of bringing here, and nobody going there would be better off than they would staying here, so it's not going to happen: if you don't think it's worth it to move to antarctica you're not going to mars either dummy"
( 2/5/2008 11:05:47 AM )

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