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Frank Belknap Long, Jr. (b. 1901, d. 1994) was an American author whose works ranged from horror fiction, fantasy and science fiction to gothic romance and comic books.

"Same complex which makes him sensitive about gray hairs prohibits revelation of exact date. Is that incredible variety of rara avis, a Native New Yorker. Educated New York public schools and New York University, School of Journalism.

Was an early contributor to Wonder Stories, having crashed a quarterly with a short-short far back in the pleistocene age. Published a volume of poems a decade ago which received rather gratifying reviews in London Times, Boston Transcript and New York Tribune. Hopes eventually to live it down. Is spare-framed, and a bit shy, and single."

(Frank Belknap Long)

He grew up in Harlem in NYC. When a ruptured appendix nearly killed him during college, he quit to pursue a writing career. In spite of writing 25 novels, 150 short stories and many articles and scripts, he died a pauper at 92.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Blast Rifle
A gun that creates a short-range energy blast.

Exiles of the Stratosphere (1937)

Etherometer - check the ether for gravity waves
A device that looked at the 'ether' pervading space as a means of determining gravitation field strength.

Spawn of the Red Giants (1937)

Foam Station Sprayer
A device that stills the stormy Great Red Spot on Jupiter.

Red Storm on Jupiter (1936)

Force-Screen - protective energy
A variation on the force shield idea.

The Dweller in Outer Darkness (1939)

Gravity Port
Used for refueling.

Shadow Over Venus (1946)

Heat Generating Magnetic Disks - red giants at work
Devices used to artificially raise the temperature of the surface of moons to a reasonable level.

Spawn of the Red Giants (1937)

A kind of nursery that could bring a human being to maturity in a single year.

The Last Men (1934)

Husk of an Atom
A negative universe substance.

The Roaring Blot (1936)

Jupiter Mining Shoes
Specialized footgear for walking on the Great Red Spot.

Red Storm on Jupiter (1936)

Molecule Replacement Lamp
A means of attaining practical invisibility.

Red Storm on Jupiter (1936)

Radiation-Proof Oxygen Suit
A specialized space suit for use in radium mining on Jupiter.

Red Storm on Jupiter (1936)

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