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"One could imagine a very ascetic sort of life ... where the body is ignored. This is something I've played with in my books, where people hate to be reminded sometimes that they have bodies, they find it very slow and tedious."
- William Gibson

  A kind of nursery that could bring a human being to maturity in a single year.  

This is an early use of the concept of accelerated growth. The last human beings were carefully grown by the swarming insects who had finally inherited the earth.

In hanging nursery homoriums thousands of men and women were yearly grown and instructed. The process of growth was unbelievably rapid. The growth-span of the human race had once embraced a number of years, but the swarming masters could transform a tiny infant into a gangling youth in six months, and into a bearded adult, strong-limbed and robust, in twelve or fourteen. Gland injections and prism-ray baths were the chief causal agents of this extraordinary metmorphosis...
From The Last Men, by Frank Belknap Long, Jr..
Published by Street and Smith in 1934
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Men were counseled not to take beautiful women (from the women's homorium) as mates; you know what happened to the most beautiful insects - pinned to an exhibit board.

Just two years earlier, Huxley wrote about an artificial womb that would permit a variety of modifications to be made to a fetus.

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