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Nathaniel Schachner (1895-1955) was an American author first published in 1930 with his frequent co-author Arthur Leo Zagat (see their co-authored contributions under Nat Schachner w. AL Zagat). Schachner was trained as both a lawyer and a chemist; he was one of Isaac Asimov's favorite authors.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Air Scooter
A flying personal vehicle.

Space Double (1940)

Asteroid Claim Law
The legal steps required in claiming an asteroid

Jurisdiction (1941)

Asteroid Lanes
Regular routes traversed by asteroids.

Jurisdiction (1941)

Attraction Ray
In effect, a tractor beam.

Pirates of the Gorm (1932)

Automatic Speeding Fine
An automated device that not only computes the speed of a vehicle, but registers and then issues an electronic citation.

Old Fireball (1941)

Basic Robot Personality
Providing simple personalities to robots.

Simultaneous Worlds (1938)

Brain Machine
Powerful mechanical computer.

The Eternal Wanderer (Astounding)

Concentrated Light - predicts the laser
Beam of powerfully concentrated light pressure.

The Shining One (1937)

A huge flying saucer.

Slaves of Mercury (1932)

Fired by an electro-gun.

Pirates of the Gorm (1932)

It shoots electro-bullets.

Pirates of the Gorm (1932)

Electron Gun
How to add a lot of electrons to a lot of positrons?

The Great Thirst (1934)

Emergency Space-Suit
A compacted space-suit stored for emergency use.

Pirates of the Gorm (1932)

Flame Disintegrator
Ravening flames from a hand-held device.

The Eternal Wanderer (Astounding)

Golden Ray of Synchronized Vibrations
Disrupts matter by hurling electrons out of their energy states and scattering them.

The Return of the Murians (1936)

A substance that is impervious to penetration.

Redmask of the Outlands (1934)

Interplanetary Union Of Spacemen
An organized union of people who work in space.

Old Fireball (1941)

Invisibility Magnets
They can cloak a space ship by bending light around it.

Redmask of the Outlands (1934)

Multi-Generation Space Vessel (Generation Ship)
A space ship and voyage intended to last across multiple human generations.

The Return of the Murians (1936)

Multiple Sample Voice - sound mixing 30's style
The use of multiple voice samples to create a single, smoothed voice.

The Shining One (1937)

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