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Nathaniel Schachner (1895-1955) was an American author first published in 1930 with his frequent co-author Arthur Leo Zagat (see their co-authored contributions under Nat Schachner w. AL Zagat). Schachner was trained as both a lawyer and a chemist; he was one of Isaac Asimov's favorite authors.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

A new organism resulting from an alteration in the DNA sequence of its genome or chromosome.

The 100th Generation (1934)

Nutrient Gelatin Tank
Essential hardware for creating a new, improved humanity - isotope men!

The Isotope Men (1936)

A synthetic substance that is opaque unless penetrated by infra-red.

Redmask of the Outlands (1934)

Photo-Electric Mosaic
A means of capturing astronomical images.

Beyond Which Limits (1937)

Transparent and light and has the tensile strength of steel!

Crystalized Thought (1937)

Polarization Apparatus
A device that caused a space ship to repel the Earth and send a space ship on its way.

Slaves of Mercury (1932)

Positron Beam
Vast numbers of positrons, the antimatter counterpart of the electron, are beamed around the Earth.

The Great Thirst (1934)

Repulsor Screen
Diverts troublesome asteroids.

Crystalized Thought (1937)

Rocket Tug
The equivalent of a tug boat for space ships.

Crystalized Thought (1937)

Search Beams
Penetrating rays that disclose the contents of rooms, ships, etc.

Slaves of Mercury (1932)

Sono-Induction Coils - buried speaker technology
A public address system consisting of buried coils.

The Shining One (1937)

Space Laboratory
A specialized space station, for scientific research.

Crystalized Thought (1937)

Space Lawyer (Sky-Lawyer) - space laws
A lawyer with special knowledge of space law.

Jurisdiction (1941)

Space Rush
The Outer Space equivalent of the gold rush.

Jurisdiction (1941)

Space Warp - first use of this phrase and idea
The very fabric of space-time.

Redmask of the Outlands (1934)

Speed Belt (Ribbon Conveyor)
A great moving belt carrying people between cities.

Slaves of Mercury (1932)

Subphoton Search Ray - see through walls
A special ray beam that penetrates into hidden bunkers; images are caught on special film cameras.

The Shining One (1937)

A dimension or a transmission medium other than our own, which allows faster-than-light communication or movement.

Crystallized Thought (1937)

A slicing ray of death!

Slaves of Mercury (1932)

Teaching Machine
A helmet placed on the head focuses illimitable knowledge into even the head of an earth man.

The Return of the Murians (1936)

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