Bernard Brown:
Science Fiction Technology and Ideas
Little is known about Bernard Brown; however, he is English.
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Adoption of Television
Prediction of TV penetration in homes and the death of movie houses.

Prima Donna 1980 (1931)

Gyrocars with Photo-Electric Braking
Force the tires into maximum contact with the road, then use photo-electric sensors to control braking and turns.

Photo Control (1934)

Laws Against Human Drivers
The idea that autonomous vehicles should be the only cars on the road, for safety.

Photo Control (1934)

Perfect Voice Modulation
Artificially creating the perfect human singing voice.

Prima Donna 1980 (1931)

A personal means of transportation that flies.

Prima Donna 1980 (1931)

Sound Nullifier
A barrier to sound; the cancellation of sound waves.

Prima Donna 1980 (1931)

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