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David H. Keller (b. 1880 - d. 1966) was a psychiatrist and science fiction / fantasy / horror author. He earned his M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1903. He served in the US Army Medical Corps during WWI and WWII as a neuropsychiatrist. He also used the pseudonym Henry Cecil.

(David H. Keller, MD)

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

A Baker's Dozen Of Autonomous Car-Related Revolutions
   'Old people began to cross the continent in their own cars.' - David H. Keller, 1935.
K-NFB Portable Text To Speech
   Inventor Ray Kurzweil has portable text to speech ready - how long ago did sf writers think about this idea?
Robot Nurses Seem Unavoidable
   Worried about impersonal health care? How about some nice, caring 'intelligent robot swarms?'
PowerBot Robot Nurse From Saskatoon
   It's a small start, but when they're working on robotic nurses in Saskatoon, you're going to need to get serious about robots.
Robot Nanny Makes Poor Role Model For Children
   PaPeRo, iRobi, Jupiter, Qrio - are these excessively cute robots the roboticists answer to Mary Poppins? Or a danger? You be the judge.
Solar Power Necktie (Clip-On Only)
   Another great application for circuit/textile combinations. What's the earliest reference to the idea of combining textiles and wiring?
Space Toilet Diaper From Japan
   There's always something on the drawing board at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; this time, it's a very personal space toilet.
Robot Baby Crib By Suima
   If you have one of those kids who just don't sleep well, there's this mechanical baby bed.
robuLAB10 Healthcare Roomba
   This little bot is just a prototype, but imagine if you will a little household medical robot that follows your elderly mother-in-law around the house.
NTT Real-Time Voice Transcriber
   Note-taking in long boring meetings will be a thing of the past, thanks to NTT.
Exmobaby Biosensor Pajamas For Baby
   Hush little baby, don't say a word. Mama's gonna ... be watching you on her cell phone.
iBag Urine Bag Tweets When Full
   A top hospital tweeter? Collectively.
Smart Bra From First Warning Systems
   '...a delicate current is sent ... to an amplifier and a certain sound is made, and the nurse will properly react...'- David H. Keller, 1928.
Smart Diapers Help Spot Disease
   'In every diaper there is a fine copper wire...'- David H. Keller, 1928.
'Smart Sock' From Owlet Baby Care
   'In every diaper there is a fine copper wire...'- David H. Keller, 1928.
Owlet Vitals, The Future Of Baby Monitoring
   'In every diaper there is a fine copper wire…' - David H. Keller, 1928.
Why Not Nurse Grandma With A Robot?
   'She's made of a combination of springs, levers, acoustic instruments...'- David Keller, 1928.
Mimo Baby Monitor
   'In every diaper there is a fine copper wire.'- David H. Keller, 1928.
MC10 Electronics Skin Stickers
   'Every diaper... a fine copper wire…' - David H. Keller, 1928.
Google Should Name Roads After Science Fiction Authors
   Heinlein, DIck, Niven - and more!
Baby Boomers Will LOVE Autonomous Cars (Trust Me!)
   'Old people began to cross the continent in their own cars....' - David H. Keller, 1935.
Mobility Scooters Go Offroad
   'Noiselessly, on rubber-tired wheels, they journeyed down the long aisles...' - David H. Keller, 1928.
In Vitro Meatballs For SciFi Spaghetti
   'Large laboratories in every city had produced synthetic food and meats, grown in large test tubes..." - David H. Keller, 1933.
Tesla's To Eye Future With New Sensors?
   'I want to show you something new in the way of an automobile.' - David H. Keller, 1935.
The Point Of View Of An Autonomous Car
   'It is safe to say that the new model almost revolutionized America in more ways than one...' - David H. Keller, 1935.
Pent-Up NASA Scientists Simulate Life On Mars
   'That gives it complete isolation.' - David H. Keller, 1932.
Mmm, Tasty Duck From A Petri Dish
   'Laboratories in every city had produced synthetic food and meats, grown in large test tubes...' - David H. Keller, 1933.
GM Introduces Cruise AV With No Steering Wheel
   'How about the steering wheel?' ... 'I do not need one.' - David H. Keller, 1935.
Sex In Driverless Cars? Updated With Video!
   '...admirable for petting.' - David H. Keller, 1935.
Elon Musk Foretells Tesla Sans Steering Wheel
   'How about the steering wheel... I don't need one.' - David Keller, 1935. is devoted to the creative inventions of science fiction authors and movie makers. Look for the Science Fiction Invention Category that interests you, the Glossary of Science Fiction Inventions, the Timeline of Science Fiction Inventions, or see what's New.
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