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Larry Niven was born in California in 1938; he earned a BA in mathematics from Washburn University, Kansas. His first sf story The Coldest Place was published in 1964. He has won four short-fiction Hugos; he won both the Hugo and Nebula award in 1971 for Ringworld. He is also known for his Tales of Known Space.

Niven is a frequent collaborator; see his other contributions under Niven w/J. Pournelle, Niven w/EM Lerner, Niven w/S. Barnes, Niven w/Pournell, Flynn and Niven w/GC Johnson.Select a novel or story title to see the inventions from that work:

A Gift From Earth, Del Rey, 1968

A World Out of Time, Random House, 1976

At the Bottom of a Hole, Galaxy Magazine, 1966

Cloak of Anarchy, Analog, 1972

Crashlander, Del Rey, 1994

Death by Ecstasy, Galaxy Magazine, 1969

Flash Crowd, Fantasy And Science Fiction, 1972

Grendel, Ballantine, 1968

Handicap, Galaxy Science Fiction, 1967

Limits, Del Rey, 1985

Neutron Star, Worls of If, 1966

Niven's Laws, Owlswick Press, 1984

Protector, Del Rey, 1973

Rammer, Tor, 1991

Ringworld, Ballantine, 1970

Ringworld Engineers, Del Rey, 1980

The Best of all Possible Wars, Baen Books, 1998

The Flight of the Horse, Fantasy and Science Fiction, 1969

The Fourth Profession, Quark, 1971

The Jigsaw Man, Not Available, 1967

The Ringworld Throne, Ballantine, 1996

The Soft Weapon, Not known, 1967

The Warriors, Worlds of If, 1966

The Woman in Del Rey Crater, Flatlander, 1995

There is a Tide, Not known, 1968

World of Ptavvs, Not Available, 1965






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