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Ray Cummings (1877-1957) was a prolific author, writing hundreds of sf stories and novels. He learned about inventing worlds and technology in the best way possible; he did technical writing and editing while working with inventor Thomas Edison.

(Ray Cummings)

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Mirror Grid Multiple-View Surveillance Panel
Very modern presentation combining multiple camera viewpoints, selectable using one monitor screen.

Wandl, The Invader (1932)

Moon Walk - presages Apollo
Very early realistic depiction of walking on the moon in low gravity.

Brigands of the Moon (1930)

Needle Pipe - needle gun
A device that could project slivers of metal at near light speed.

Beyond the Stars (1928)

Oxygen Space Flare
A flare that burns inside a glass bulb with oxygen.

Brigands of the Moon (1930)

Paralyzing Blast
A red Ray of light that freezes those it falls upon.

The Exile of Time (1931)

Paralyzing Ray - early use
Stops body motions.

Brigands of the Moon (1930)

Paralyzing Ray (Bolar Current)
A beam that forces a person to remain rooted to a particular spot.

Blood of the Moon (1936)

Pencil Heat Ray - narrow beam
An offensive, man-portable heat ray.

Brigands of the Moon (1930)

Raytron Apparatus - aerial surveillance
A device for aerial surveillance; the image was transmitted back to the user.

Beyond the Stars (1928)

Robot Music
Music created and performed entirely by robots.

The Robot God (1941)

Robot Revolt
Robots to throw off the yoke of Man?

The Exile of Time (1931)

A ray that discombobulates robots of all kinds.

The Exile of Time (1931)

Sensitive Robot Fingers
Special sensory capabilities of robotic appendages.

The Exile of Time (1931)

Space Force
That branch of the military with a presence outside the atmosphere.

Wandl, The Invader (1932)

The well-traveled paths from star to star.

Blood of the Moon (1936)

Thermodyne Heat Ray
Device focuses, and projects, a heat beam.

A Brand New World (1942)

See other time-travelers.

The Exile of Time (1931)

Vacuum Cylinder
Traveling first class, but like mail, in a tube system.

Wandl, The Invader (1932)

Vacuum-Cupped Sandals
Used for walking in weightless environments.

Voyage 13 (1938)

A small vehicle used in transporting people around the moon's surface.

Blood of the Moon (1936)

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