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David Brin (b. 1950) is an American science fiction writer. He has won both the Hugo and Nebula awards. He holds a Bachelor of Science in astronomy, a masters degree in applied physics and PhD in space science. Perhaps his most famous novels are the Uplift series. His 1985 novel The Postman was made into a major motion picture.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Imprint (A Ditto Blank) - pseudo-you
Impress one's personality upon a 'ditto blank' android.

Kiln People (2002)

Lawyer Program - AI goes to the dark side
Software that could listen to legal argument.

Earth (1990)

Magnus-Effect Ambulance - sidewise force
A vehicle that can hover and fly using the Magnus Effect.

Earth (1990)

Mammontelephas - baby mammoths
A 'mammoth' resurrected from the genes of the original.

Earth (1990)

Needles (Chocolate and Vanilla)
Inflated towers reaching 20 miles out of Earth's atmosphere.

Sundiver (1979)

Oxygen Hip Flask - just a quick nip
A small, portable source of pure oxygen for breathing.

Earth (1990)

Personal Cache - a digital safety deposit box
An online data repository used to store personal data.

Earth (1990)

Poppins - Julie Andrews android
An android body imprinted with the personality of a Master Nanny.

Kiln People (2002)

Portable Ident-Plate - quick prints
A small, thin device that will capture biometric data from a person's finger.

Earth (1990)

Predictions Registry - if you're sure
An organization that keeps track of predictions made by individuals.

Earth (1990)

Reading Plaque - ultrathin display
A tablet-sized display for reading.

Earth (1990)

Sonomagnetic Fabric - listen with your shirt
Cloth that gathers sound energy.

Earth (1990)

A cradle that provides virtual reality experiences to tiny tots.

Natulife (1994)

Subvocal Input Device - under your breath
Attached sensors read nerve signals to determine what the user will say next.

Earth (1990)

Sunshade-Photocell Collector
A fanciful design for a device that gathers solar energy.

Earth (1990)

Tether Space Station
A station in two parts, separated by a one hundred mile tether.

Tank Farm Dynamo (1983)

True-Vu Lenses (Goggles) - sneak a peek
Lenses that are worn as goggles, allowing the user to both see and record what is being viewed.

Earth (1990)

A humorous reference to a substance both rare and unlikely.

Startide Rising (1983)

Virtual Childrearing - long distance childcare
Learn childcare the virtual way; maybe long distance childcare, too.

Natulife (1994)

Vivisector - software deconstruction
A program that takes another computer program apart, while it's running, to see what it does.

Earth (1990)

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