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Frederik Pohl (b. 1919) is both an sf writer and editor. He attended the Bronx High School of Science, becoming friends with Isaac Asimov. He was a member of the Futurians as a young man. Unfortunately, when he was 14, he was forced to quit school to work (due to the Great Depression). He edited Galaxy and If magazines from 1959 until 1969. He won both the Hugo and Nebula awards for his novel Gateway in 1978. He also won a John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Novel, and is recognized as a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Microvision Laser Monocle: Technician Retina-Vision
   Microvision's Nomad Expert Technician System shines laser light right onto your retina, providing images and diagrams that seem to float in the air in front of you.
Virtual Retinal Displays Get All Geordi With It
   Scientists have been hard at work; the Human Interface Technology Laboratory is continuing work on virtual retinal displays - and building in a very Star Trek look while they're at it.
Aroxo Intelligent Agents Negotiate For You
   Technology startup ready to put its software agents to work for you.
Kissenger The Kiss Messenger Robot Spreads Your Love
   'Sensory stimulation through the tactile net, Man Forrester...'
Spraytect Self-Defense iPhone Case
   '... the joymaker in his hand hissed and sprayed him with something...'-Frederik Pohl, 1965
Her Majesty's 'Web Robot' Catches Tax Dodgers
   Gadzooks! Loyal subjects concealing e-commerce income from Her Majesty caught by intelligent search agent.
The Future Of Cell Phones
   The cell phones of the future - probably still drop calls, but they will look extremely cool doing it.
Virtual Piano Keyboard
   Much easier to carry up and down stairs to your new apartment.
Rity - Sobot Longs To Be Near You
   This remarkable experiment demonstrates that a computer program can download itself into objects to serve you.
Cellular Phone Robot And iPhone - Joymaker Wannabes
   Pohl's amazing joymaker from his 1965 novel still exceeds the vision presented for cellphones - but not by much.
Pay With Your Cellphone
   All you really need is your joymaker - I mean, cellphone.
Web Services Wizard And Frederik Pohl's Joymaker
   For better or for worse, Pohl's vision from The Age of the Pussyfoot is coming closer.
Google Determined To Provide Joymaker Infrastructure
   Google knows that the key to whatever mobile device you buy lies in the back-end computer architecture.
GOOG-411 Google's Free Talking Phone Search
   This new beta service from Google gets you your 411 free of charge, thanks to advanced voice recognition and local search.
Wellness Mobile Phone Personal Trainer In A Cellphone
   If it wasn't so personal and polite, I might think that having a personal trainer connected to the phone company is a bit intrusive.
DoCoMo S0703i Smellular Phone Makes Scents
   This is one phone that lets you smell the ... well, maybe not roses, but at least you can smell something as you go through your day.
Klausner iPhone Voicemail Suit Neglects SF Prior Art
   I'm no patent lawyer, but I think that Frederik Pohl described a system like Apple's iPhone voicemail in 1965, and I don't hear him asking for money from Apple.
KissPhone Misses First By Forty Years
   This particular cell phone concept is too late to claim the prize for a cell phone through which one can exchange a kiss.
Ribbit Amphibian Cellphone Internet Mashup
   Ribbit is an interesting cell phone start-up from those people in Silicon Valley. Why did it take so long for them to start a phone company?
iPhones For Freshmen At ACU
   This video shows some near-future applications for iPhones that will be used by freshmen at ACU this fall.
DoCoMo Cell Phones Mobile Fragrance Equipped
   Believe me, sending a list of fragrances over the phone is only the beginning.
Scented Text Messages - Imagine The Possibilities
   Oh, it's coming alright. To a cell phone near you. And you will remember with fondness the days when you only had to LISTEN to the person's conversation.
Owada's Freezing Method Vs. Carbonite
   Flash frozen body parts may result from this method of freezing that seems to work with a variety of materials.
What Apple Could Learn From SF: iPhone As Mediator
   There is a lesson for Steve Jobs and Apple regarding iPhone success; science fiction fans already know it.
Vlingo Voice-Enabled Blackberry Smartphone
   This company seems to think the same way that Frederik Pohl did in 1965; voice is the best interface for a smartphone.
Automated Mammalian Training Devices
   There must be a better way to train animals to do our bidding, reasons DARPA.
Touchable Holography Display
   Video presentation shows that it is possible to touch a three-dimensional holographic object.
PETMAN Robot Video Shows Non-Human Origin
   Oh, it's bipedal, alright, but those legs are not quite human. In fact, I think that it walks just like the aliens in that 1996 movie 'The Arrival'
SIRI Virtual Assistant Like Pohl's Joymaker
   If this iPhone app actually does what it says on the tin, this really is Frederik Pohl's joymaker come to life.
Belvedere The Robot Butler
   Great video of a DIY butler robot; watching the little boy react to it will make your day.
Google Seeks Pohl's Joymaker Voice Recognition
   In which Google's Vic Gundotra describes the pursuit of the perfect smartphone - which is starting to sound a lot like Frederik Pohl's joymaker.
KrioRus Brain Freeze Technology
   Frozen head buffs take heart from Russian firms ready to save them.
Re Google: William Gibson,
   It turns out that sf writers have imagined Google and Google's future plans rather precisely.
First Cashless Society - In Somaliland?
   Leave your wheelbarrow of cash at home.
Kiss ME Device For Kiss Communication
   A novel hi-fidelity physical interface for transferring a remote and mediated kiss in real-time.
MobilePay USA Credit Card App For Smartphones
   Frederik Pohl called this one in 1965 - just one of the characteristics of his prescient joymaker concept.
Ping Pong Robot Analyzes Own Game
   Sure, you might be able to beat this prototype robot. For now.
Wet Kissing Cell Phone Prototype
   Skip all that texting and smiley faces nonsense; these cell phone prototypes deliver the emotional goods.
RoboEarth Lets Robots Learn From Each Other
   To better serve us, we must allow robots to communicate the best practices of service with each other.
Aliens May Live In Black Holes
    'An existence domain for the third kind of orbits is rather spacious.'
Kiss Transmission Device Latest In Electro-Communication
   Actually, based on the video, I'd have to call it a 'French kissing' device.
Google Wallet Makes Your Phone Your Wallet
   Tap to pay by Mastercard or Google Prepaid Card.
PETMAN Bipedal Robot Tests Your Future
   Now, we need to get this robot to test consumer products - and then, to consume them. Then you and I can relax.
How Smart Is Siri?
   Another Pohl prediction comes true, right on time.
PETMAN Robot Video
   Wear in (and wear out) your clothes robotically.
Qrio Robot Golfer
   What's a fair handicap for a robot?
Machines Talk More To Each Other
   What do all of these machines have to say about us? I hope they just stick to business.
HERB Home Exploring Robot Butler
   'There was the butler robot, hard at work, his copper face expressionless.'
Google's Voice Recognition Sweet In Jelly Bean
   '...Translating most normal variations of voice, idiom, accent... into the mathematical expressions on which the computers operate.'
Google Wallet Like Pohl's Joymaker Credit Card
   You must know the institutional designation and account spectrum ...
Pet-Proto Robot Video Stops Bad Terminator Dreams
   Not quite relentless pursuit.
Thumb Kiss On Pair App For iPhone
   'What he got was indeed a kiss. It was disconcerting. No kissing lips were visible...'- Frederik Pohl, 1965.
Space Food, Canadian Style
   'The Oort cloud was made up of millions of megaton-sized servings of chow.'- Frederik Pohl, 1980.
RoboEarth Cloud Engine Makes Local Bots Smarter
   ' 'Yes, sir, said Henry, and assumed the curious absent look of a robot talking on the TBR [Talk Between Robots] circuits...'- Frederik Pohl, 1954.
PETMAN Robot Marches On
   'Dressed in Morey's own sports knickers and golfing shoes, the robot solemnly hit a ball against the wall... again, over and again.'- Frederik Pohl, 1954.
Fujitsu Touchscreen Mixes Real And Virtual Worlds
   'His hands flashed over the keyboard - it had not been there a moment before, but it was operative...'- Frederik Pohl, 1965.
AIREAL Lets You Feel Virtual Objects In The Open Air
   'Startled, he touched his mouth. 'How the devil did you do that?' he shouted.'- Frederick Pohl, 1965.
Pop Secret Pop Dongle Lets You Smell The Corn A Poppin' On Your Smartphone
   'The joymaker in his hand hissed and sprayed him with something...'- Frederik Pohl, 1965.
Cortana, Your Personal Assistant
   'If I were you, Man Forrester, which is to say, if I were human...'- Frederik Pohl, 1965.
Flying Defibrillator Ambulance Drone
   'The death-reversal equipment is on its way...'- Frederk Pohl, 1965.
Petman Robot Pushes Itself To The Limit
   'There was the butler robot, hard at work, his copper face expressionless...'- Frederik Pohl, 1954.
Golf Robot Putts Out
   'The robot solemnly hit a ball against the wall, picked it up and teed it, hit it again, over and again...' - Frederik Pohl, 1954.
Robots Take Our Jobs By Reading Our Instructions
   'The Talk Between Robots radio...' - Frederik Pohl, 1954.
Tesla Suit Gives Haptic Hugs
   'Then a pressure on the lips...' - Frederik Pohl, 1965.
Robots Will Learn From Each Other
   'Talk Between Robots radio...' - Frederik Pohl, 1954.
LONald 'Contract Robot' First In UK
   'The law clerk arrived, a smallish robot...' - Frederik Pohl, 1954.
Kuka Robots Mastering Tennis Now
   'The robot solemnly hit a ball against the wall...' - Frederik Pohl, 1954.
Robot Lawyers And Robot Judges Now Everywhere
   'The law clerk arrived, a smallish robot with a battered stainless steel hide and dull coppery features.' - Frederik Pohl, 1954.
Sophie, Your Virtual Assistant
   'What would you do, right now, if you were me? ...The joymaker answered without hesitation.' - Frederik Pohl, 1966.
Moorebot Personal Assistant Robot
   '...a full-size 38-tube fully automatic companion for you!' - Frederik Pohl, 1954.
Drowning? Lifeguard Drones Overhead!
   'The death-reversal equipment is on its way...'- Frederk Pohl, 1965.
Google Home Continues Implementation Of Pohl's Joymaker
   'It is a transponder connecting you with the central computing facilities of the city in which you reside on a shared-time, self-programming basis.' - Frederik Pohl, 1966.
When Computers Develop Their Own Language, Will They Talk To Us?
   'The curious absent look of a robot talking on the TBR circuits - the Talk Between Robots radio...' - Frederik Pohl, 1954.
MIT's C-LEARN Helps Robots Transfer Learning To Other Robots
   'Talk Between Robots radio...' - Frederik Pohl, 1954.
Medical Drones Hover Like Angels Near You
   'The death-reversal equipment is on its way...'- Frederk Pohl, 1965.
Should We Permit Computers To Create Their Own Language?
   'Talk Between Robots radio...' - Frederik Pohl, 1954.
Feel Virtual Reality In Mid-Air!
   '...a pressure on the lips - warm and soft, moist and sweet.' - Frederick Pohl, 1965.
AirTouch Panels Means No More Dirty Touchscreens!
   Useful interfaces now appear in thin air.
Drones Communicate With Each Other Using Quantum Encryption
   'the curious absent look of a robot talking on the TBR circuits...' - Frederik Pohl, 1954.
Telehealth Drones To The Rescue
   'A shadow passed over him, and he looked up.' - Frederik Pohl, 1965.
Mouth Haptics Invented By Frederik Pohl In 1965, CMU Now Has Prototype
   'What he got was indeed a kiss. It was disconcerting. No kissing lips were visible.' - Frederik Pohl, 1965.
MyManu Titan 'Screenless Smartphone'
   '...the programmed software includes procedures for translating most normal variations of voice, idiom, accent, and other variable modalities into a computer-oriented sim-script.' - Frederik Pohl, 1966.
Teslas Have Minds, Says Elon Musk
   'The machine scans the patterns of the mind; ...Impress these same waves on a robot computer.' - Frederik Pohl, 1955.



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