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Roger Zelazny (1937-1995) created many of our best science fiction stories; he won six Hugos and three Nebula awards. His quirky humor is found in all of the books; you'll enjoy the characters as well as the inventions. His monumental Amber novels demonstrate his absolute mastery of the fantasy genre as well.

(Roger Zelazny)

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Genetically Tailored Trees
Trees that had been genetically altered to produce and concentrate usable oil.

Eye of Cat (1982)

Artificial Butterfly
A mechanical, robotic butterfly.

Changeling (1980)

Auto-Driven Auto (Spinner) - it drives itself
A vehicle that accepts coordinates and proceeds to its destination automatically.

The Dream Master (He Who Shapes) (1966)

Automatic car navigation, provided on a video console in the dashboard.

The Dream Master (He Who Shapes) (1966)

Autonomously Recharging UAV
Unmanned aerial vehicles that recharge themselves automatically.

Changeling (1980)

Automated control of remote surveillance drones.

This Moment of the Storm (1966)

Bubble City
Underwater domes provide living space for large communities.

My Name is Legion (1976)

Call Notification Unit
A small portable device that let you know that you had a phone call at your home.

Eye of Cat (1982)

Chemelectric Afferent Nerve-Analogues
An engineered sensory skin.

This Immortal (1966)

A hovering tray of drinks, used for parties.

This Immortal (1966)

Dog Suit - costumes for aliens that work
A disguise worn by an alien detective, allowing him to look just like a domestic canine.

Doorways in the Sand (1976)

Dream Console - used by he who shapes
Device allows a therapist to enter and create dreams in patients.

The Dream Master (He Who Shapes) (1966)

EverRest Cryotorium - cryonics in orbit
Rest forever in cryonic suspension among the stars.

Flare (1992)

Eyes - semi-autonomous surveillance drones
Flying remote-operated surveillance drones.

This Moment of the Storm (1966)

Gauzy - a tent whose fabric is one molecule thick.
A feather-light tent, made of a fabric just one molecule thick.

This Immortal (1966)

A sentient computer partially built with magic.

Blood of Amber (1986)

Hangman - robot telefactor
A telefactoring device that also was able to function independently.

My Name is Legion (1976)

A device that jumbles sensory input.

Changeling (1980)

Life Recorder - records your life automatically
Record the details of your life.

The Dream Master (He Who Shapes) (1966)

Mechanical Cobra - slither and destroy
An assassination device; senses brain waves to find its victim.

Lord of Light (1967)

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