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Greg Bear was born in 1951 in San Diego, California. He completed his first short story at age 10; at 15 he sold his first science fiction story. To date, he has won two Hugo Awards and five Nebula awards (one of only two authors to have won a Nebula in all categories). His many novels include Blood Music, Eon, Darwin's Radio and Quantico.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Robotic Bird Has USAF Flocking
   A prototype of a small robotic bird created from carbon fiber composites and Mylar has the U.S. Airforce flocking nearby for a closer look.
Humans Teach Bacteria New Language
   A group of scientists lead by Professor James C. Liao are engineering an artificial cell-to-cell communication network by teaching bacteria to communicate with each other and to work together in a whole new way.
The Latest In Quantum-Dot Switches
   Quantum dot switches made up of pairs of tiny puddles of forty to sixty paired electrons show promise as the building blocks for quantum computers.
Biomolecular Computer: The Tiniest Doc?
   The vial at shown here contains trillions of tiny doctors capable of both diagnosing a particular form of cancer as well as administering an anti-cancer agent.
Micromouse Robot Builders Seek The Brass Cheese
   The UK Micromouse 2004 Championship will be held on June 19th; tiny autonomouse (sorry about that) robot mice race to solve a 16x16 maze.
Bacillus Loquacious: AI-2 and the Talkative Bacterium
   "When we think about bacteria, we think about them as being tiny single-celled organisms that live these very asocial reclusive lives," said Bonnie Bassler, a molecular biologist at Princeton University. "In fact, bacteria have developed language, an
Product RFID Tags Now Play Jingles
   A computer science student from Durlach in Germany has worked out a way to store a tune on the radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags now attached to many consumer goods.
Cures Found in 'Junk DNA'
   What has been conserved in the so-called 'junk DNA' of the human genome? Perhaps cures for disease? And more.
UAVs Invade Public Airspace
   Unmanned surveillance drones that are capable of autonomous flight are being used in Iraq. One day, you will look up - and probably not see it overhead in your neighborhood.
Electronic Erasable Paper - Xerox Seeks E-Palimpsest
   Xerox is still looking for the perfect palimpsest - eraseable electronic reusable paper.
Interview With Greg Bear On Quantico
   This exclusive Technovelgy interview includes Greg Bear's comments on the ideas and devices used in his book Quantico.
LOCAD-PTS Handheld Microorganism Detector
   Astronauts only carry the best in hand-held instrumentation - this one is a pocket-sized biology lab.
Biocomputers (Biological Computers) Come Closer
   Researchers continue to take small steps toward the creation of biological computers.
Bacterial Art - Culture In A Dish
   It shouldn't surprise us that bacteria can create beautiful patterns while solving problems (just like we sometimes do), but these pictures still surprised me.
xTAG Viral Panel Tests 12 Viruses In One Sample
   More remarkable developments in which scientists give futurists a run for their money.
Morgellons Disease Has Science-Fictional Effects
   Morgellons syndrome is an almost sfnal disease process - if it really exists.
NASA Biohazard Biosensor Nanotech-Based
   This technology is really coming along; it's also another case in which some space technology came home to Earth.
E-Ink Cover World's First
   Very impressive first effort; Esquire leads the way in bringing this futuristic technology right to your local news stand.
Logic Gates Built Inside Living Cells
   Remarkable development allows logic gates to be placed inside living cells.
Touch EPD Touch Screen EPaper Display
   E-paper, e-shmaper - now there's a way to interact directly with your e-paper display, getting rid of those clunky control keys and boards.
Helmet-Based Sniper Location System
   This system transforms ordinary soldiers into information-gathering 'smart nodes' on a wireless network, ultimately producing a location map of enemy shooters.
Bacteria Talk To Each Other On Bassler Video
   Exceptional talk by molecular biologist Bonnie Bassler details the latest research and thinking about how bacteria work together to help us and harm us.
Programmable Lab-On-A-Chip
   This important development will lead to much more useful portable biosensors and other analysis tools; it would be useful to have a device that detected swine flu from a simple needle stick.
Bacterial 'Computer' Solves Math Problem
   Genetically modified bacteria solve yet another math problem. It takes a while to program them, but when you can double your number of processors every few hours, the calculations go faster.
Herti Drones To Surveil UK Civilians
   Autonomous drones designed for military operations in Afganistan come home to keep close tabs on you and me.
Slime Mold Network Engineering
   It turns out that the yellow slime mold Physarum polycephalum is a very clever little engineer. Greg Bear, are you listening?
VW Talking Newspaper Ad
   The newspapers have finally started talking back.
Snakebot Conquers Obstacle Course
   Snake robots are becoming surprisingly versatile in their movements.
CSAIL Gets $7.5M To Develop Bird-Like UAV
   The skies will one day be filled with them.
First DNA-based Artificial Neural Network
   Artificial intelligence at a molecular scale.
i2R E-Paper Is Erasable
   This display technology is erasable paper - in e-paper format.
The Most Complex Synthetic Biology Circuit
   'The earliest biologic strings had been inserted into E. coli bacteria as circular plasmids...'- Greg Bear, 1984.
Terrifying Robot Snake's Flying, Coiling Attack
   'The coil on the table appeared to be a snake... It did not look alive and it did not look dead.'- Greg Bear, 2009.
Smartphone Sensor System Tracks Gunfire
   'Sound trackers on the roof could zero in on weapons action...'-Greg Bear, 2007.
Can Gut Bacteria Make You Smarter?
   'Vergil had trained the lymphocytes in the past six months to interact as much as possible with each other and with their environment...'- Greg Bear, 1984.
Cities Detect Gunfire Acoustics With ShotSpotter
   'Sound trackers on the roof...'- Greg Bear, 2007.
DJI Phantom Drone Now With GPS Blocking
   'Workarounds were illegal and the fines were expensive...'- Greg Bear 2007.
ShotSpotter Gunshot Location Tech Expands Coverage
   'Sound trackers on the roof could zero in on weapons action...' - Greg Bear, 2007.
Implants Melt In Your Brain, Not In Your Hands
   Implant and forget - they melt in your brain, not in your hands.
Chemputer To Grow Bespoke Drones Through Chemistry
   'These are your rudimentary seed packages...' - Greg Bear, 2015.
Mind-Altering Drugs Administered Deep Into The Brain
   'Happy to serve!'- Greg Bear, 2015.
New Paper - Write With Light Erase With Heat
   Writing with light, erasing with heat.
Robird Flapping Wing Drones Keep Airports Safe
   'Mitch heard a rasping, flacketing buzz, like a big insect...' - Greg Bear, 2003.
3D Printed Stretchable Skin For Robots AND You!
   'Three rows of four colored dots appeared on the heel of my left hand...' - John Varley, 1992.
NASA Wants To Make Oxygen On Mars
   'They plop down on the Red and if the dust is deep enough ... they burrow in...' - Greg Bear, 2014.
Grow Structures Upon Planetfall - Myco-Architecture
   'They'll also start pulling in gases and liquids from the local atmosphere...' - Greg Bear, 2015.
IceBot Antarctic (Planetary?) Robotic Explorers Made Of Ice
   'Some will combine in place to form more complicated structures, like excavators or centipedes.' - Greg Bear, 2015
Guard Dog Robot Security Check
   'We still use people at the main gates, but here it's an automated sentry.' - Greg Bear, 2003
Is It Possible To GROW Planes And Vehicles?
   'These are your rudimentary seed packages...' - Greg Bear, 2015.
NASA MOXIE Extracts Oxygen From Mars' Air
   'Making oxygen is the trick...' - Greg Bear, 2014.
Robot Snakes Now With Partitioned Gait
   'The coil on the table appeared to be a snake...' - Greg Bear ,2009.
Augmented Reality Book Covers Reveal The Inner Book
   'The E-paper holograms leaped from lurid covers...' - Greg Bear, 2003.
Wearable Biomedical Sensors Printed Directly On Your Skin
   'The dragon is a skin computer... People put it on their arms and exchange personal data.' Greg Bear, 2009.
Tongue-Controlled Tong Wearable Mouth Computer
   'Griff found the white and pink map distracting and switched it off using his tongue mouse.' - Greg Bear, 2007.
Athena Smart Security Guard Robot With Face Recognition
   'You are who we say you are, Dr. Dakin,' Turner said.' - Greg Bear, 2003.



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