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Comments on Epson uFR Micro Flying Robot
Epson announced today that it has developed the uFR Micro Flying Robot, a prototype using micromechatronics (hey - and you were looking for a new-word-for-the-day) technology. (Read the complete story)

"So if someone were to actually propose a means of passing the Turring Test, would anyone believe them? I have worked for ten years on a method of semantic interpretation which is universal. This approach will pass the Turing Test. I'm writing to ask everyone if they would visit my website and read a book I've written, "How to Design a Universal Artificial Intelligence." I truly believe that this is the way to pass the Turing Test and I'm requesting that you read the book and tell me what you think. If you believe that this is the right way to approach the Turing Test I would greatly appreciate any advice, input, or assistance that you could give me. If you think that this will not work, and the program has ambiguities that can not be overcome, I would certainly value any criticisms. I currently have the entire book online, in html, for anyone to read (and a paperback is available for purchase). It's only about 214 pages long. I would hope that you consider devoting just a little bit of time to reading the first fifty pages, only an hour or two, and if you feel that I might be on to something then maybe you'll consider reading the entire book. I am only asking for a little bit of time. I can promise you that this is not an amateurish attempt to make a couterpart machine. This is a machine which, in adult form, will recognize and analyze all human actions, all discrete human actions, without fail. This is a very different approach than that of others studying human cognition. I am not a psychologist, a biologist, a mathematician, or even a programmer. I do not have a college degree, just a few credits from community college. I would hope that you understand that I am quite knowledgeable in my profession of construction, the installation of Fire Sprinkler Systems (elaborate erector sets, puzzles, that deliver water to a fired area) and that I have inadvertently studied the human condition from a perspective far removed from the established schools of thought. I am a behaviorist. And like other behavioral psychologist I am only analyzing what is tangible, calculable. I am proposing a model of the human mind that has a very reasonable, rational, method of bottling ambiguous data. I am proposing a model of a counterpart machine that views an identical, quantitative ambiguous area. Thank You for your time, Wil Holland "
(Wil Holland 7/17/2004 9:47:55 AM)

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