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Comments on 3D Television Display In Real Time
Interesting implementation of the 3D display idea; an exemplary video both explains the concepts and demonstrates the device. (Read the complete story)

"Wow, very neat. I'm not sure it is a step in the right direction, but definitely cool. I'd much rather see something that IS 3D rather than something that just LOOKS 3D. Essentially what my opinion comes down to is for this to go beyond movie theaters, it will require a brand new type of TV. But I think ACTUAL 3D TV won't be far behind it. Since the one doesn't help the other from a technology standpoint, unless an alternative use can be figured out, its probably a waste of money. Now I wonder if this would have implications in cloaking technology. Could you imagine a garment that was filled with microscopic cameras that collected and output the light from one side of you to the other in such a way that you could see that light correctly at different angles over your curved surface and not just from straight on."
(Brandon 3/9/2009 8:21:07 AM)
"From a story telling point of view, (which will be the one that wins in the long run) 3d dosn't appear to add much, apart from high production, transmission and reproduction costs. I believe surround video will be the next leap for how we see films/live action. I've got the design, for both capture and re-projection, if someone's got the cash to make it real?"
(Peter StrÝmberg 3/11/2009 4:23:46 AM)

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