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Comments on Sky-Terra Towers Blot Out Sky
'Centuries ago, Stratos was built by leaders that gave their word... that all inhabitants would live there.' Identify that quote. (Read the complete story)

"Classic Sci Fi adventure game Beneath a steel sky features a reversed situation: the tops of the city towers house dirty factories and the upper class lives on the ground floor with a view to the garden. I think this original idea earns this game it's own page, no? (see Schreibmann port)"
(Yossi Preminger 4/24/2009 2:28:26 AM)
"I think the ultimate case of upper class living I've seen is in "Alita: Battle Angel", or as it is originally known "Gunnm", where the upper class moved to cities in the sky but the link broke and now the only connecting is a downpour of trash and razor protected cables holding the cities down. The anime is awesome but the manga is better. Check it out if you haven't, it's one of the musts."
(Sabre Runner 4/24/2009 3:17:13 AM)
"This reminds me of the Jetsons more than anything else. 'Galaxy Express 999' also had its underclass living physically below the elites, with the added feature that flesh-bodied humans were by definition poor, and vulnerable to predation by their betters. Anybody who could afford to, had themselves turned into immortal post-human cyborgs. This would be an edgy idea for a cartoon even today, and GE999 was back in the '70s."
(a city of space needles 4/24/2009 9:42:53 PM)
"As I recall, the buildings on the Jetsons could be adjusted for height, depending on the weather. (See this article on SpaceHouse: Jetson's Skypad Apartment.)"
(Bill Christensen 4/25/2009 9:06:26 PM)
"Here's a picture of the sky city from Alita: Battle Angle (I think).

(Bill Christensen 4/25/2009 9:10:31 PM)

"There was a Star Trek episode called "The Cloud Minders" with a similar theme."
(Herbert Rhymes 4/25/2009 10:08:53 PM)
"Herbert, you're right. Here's a nice view of Stratos City on a nice day (but the days are always nice in Cloud Cities).

(Star Trek Cloud Minders Stratos City)

See also this related article on Fortress World Barbarism Via Climate Change."
(Bill Christensen 4/26/2009 10:33:21 AM)

"Final Fantasy 7? Final Fantasy 7. Midgard. I win."
(Toothy Goat 4/27/2009 7:46:26 AM)

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