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Comments on MIT Battery Research To Enable 'Electric Phaetons'
John Jacob Astor dreamed of electric cars that would serve us in 1894; all he needed was a really good battery technology. (Read the complete story)

"Safety is not big issue, because every battery is safer than gasoline ..................... What if autos could tap to tramline electricity for charging in move, without stopping? ......... fuel cell is big competitor ...... modular, easy-plug-in and therefore selectable size route-adaptable car-battery system, might be best plus for batteries vs other tech. "
(leviret 2/20/2006 9:50:44 AM)
"there is some illegal trash below my message .......... when I said that batteries could be modular, I primarily meant that there could be many in one car, and their number could be adjusted according to route. There could be many size batteries, and the right whole-capacity could be constructed like using coins to have the right sum. Pick-ups would be easiest cars for this kind of tech. "
(leviret 2/21/2006 8:19:37 AM)
"leviret - what a great idea! I was thinking that it would work well on highways. Most people spend at least some time on highways going to work; that would be a good opportunity to charge up for the other parts of the trip. It also occurs to me that tollways are ideally set up for this; you could "charge" by the mile. No extra charge for that last witticism... or that one..."
(Bill 2/21/2006 10:05:01 AM)

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