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Comments on Apple Apparently Working On Orwell's Telescreen
Now, Apple would never create a tool suitable for totalitarian governments - but here's what we could use it for. (Read the complete story)

"Okay Apple, here's something not in the patent. At present, the iMac (for example) can take a picture of someone in a dark room by flashing the screen to white. (It's a typically smart Apple idea.) Now, what if you included an infrared backlight, or used photomultipliers on the image sensor cells. That's right - you'd have a monitor that could see in the dark."
(Bill Christensen 4/26/2006 8:58:24 PM)
"And how loud would the MAChiles be screaming if Microsoft were developing a screen right out of 1984? You trust Apple? Your mistake to trust any single source monopolistic company. "
(GeneSplicer 4/27/2006 7:04:39 AM)
"This technology is also applicable to camouflage. By mounting on opposite side of an object (house, truck, etc), the object could be rendered visibly transparent. Great for "windows" (no pun intended) in solid walls too. A flexible version could be worn. L Neil Smith describes variations of a "smartsuit" in some of his science fiction books."
(Dennis Wilson 4/27/2006 8:34:47 AM)
"Big Brother marches on!"
(walt235 5/11/2006 7:25:30 PM)
" No doubt this is the technology used in the main bridge viewscreens of STAR TREK Earth and Federation starships along with various alien vessels, as there has never been a visible camera on shown on any bridge, human or otherwise, yet when in two-way conversation both sides can see the other's bridge. "
(David K. M. Klaus 7/31/2006 12:52:08 AM)
"It's no laughing matter. Google is developing software which will use your embedded microphone to spy on you...of course they'll update their Big Brother software for visual surveillance when webcams become standard with ALL computers. We are now living in the age of the telescreen...and the telescreen is the personal computer."
(Darth Chaos 9/17/2006 2:35:03 AM)
"Darth - I'm not laughing either. I really like the new iMac (I have one), but sometimes I feel tempted to put a little piece of index card or something over the built-in webcam. Now that I think of it, the voice pickup needs a piece of tape, too...
Your insight that the personal computer is a pretty good candidate for telescreen is great. And all of us techies can't wait for more features and more connectivity."
(Bill 9/17/2006 9:01:01 AM)

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