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Comments on Silicon-Based Lifeforms: Hortas In The Deeps
A prominent iconoclastic scientist argues that silicon-based life may exist. (Read the complete story)

"nice read and excellent references"
(jet 9/9/2006 8:01:51 AM)
"In his book "'X' Stands For Unknown" Asimov, specifically discussed Silicon vs. Carbon. Bread and Stone Subject: /silicon versus carbon First Published In: Oct-82, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Collection(s): * 1984 'X' Stands for Unknown"
(Adi 9/9/2006 11:53:17 PM)
"In Dr Who (a far better show than Star Trek) silicone creatures posed as standing stones in an ancient stone circle in the story Stones of Blood. They were called Ogri and hailed from Tau Ceti"
(Richard Freeman 9/13/2006 5:51:02 AM)
" Would that annoy the silicone cooking industry? Give me a break."
( 9/14/2006 3:21:41 AM)
"ola - on silicon based lifeforms. Thomas Gold wrote in Deep Hot Biosphere '98 book how earth makes gas & oil from carbon eating bacteria. Not silicon. He asserted that deep gas can trigger earthquakes, lights, stink & sounds, heard by 1000s around earthquakes. His book is in print now, great reading for radical earthlings new visions of geomorphism - how earth creates energy. MS Oness press"
(micheal sunanda 9/14/2006 4:50:12 PM)
"You're right - I've been taken in. None of the references I googled gave me the info I needed. However, the story is factually correct; it's just that the story should be dated November 12, 1998. See this article which was stolen verbatim by the source article: Alien Life Forms May Be Inside Earth "
(Bill Christensen 9/14/2006 7:43:45 PM)
"hhmm, interesting, i knew there's an alien life-forms living here on planet earth, we are one too."
(Meleo 9/14/2006 9:17:06 PM)
"If memory serves, Star Trek New Generation had an episode with a silicon based lifeform that self organized so as to be able to exert control over the Enterprise computers, since they were of the same basic material."
(Sam 9/14/2006 9:34:56 PM)
"what do these look like in reality"
(larry 9/15/2006 8:42:57 PM)
"These organisms are theorized; I think that some scientists have speculated that they might have structures that are crystalline in appearance."
(Bill 9/15/2006 8:51:51 PM)
"ridiculous that they're using ideas of the imagination as the basis of research. Isn't proper research done based on facts to prove or disprove doubts? This is like saying that Yoda could really exist in a marshland somewhere staying in tune with "the force" practicing his light sabre skills.."
( 9/21/2006 8:21:08 AM)
"It's true that science moves forward by creating hypotheses and then testing them in an open, rigorous way. But where do you get your ideas for new hypotheses to test? Nobel-prizewinner Albert Einstein remarked 'I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.'"
(Bill Christensen 9/21/2006 8:40:42 AM)
(ARMIN L. CAPIENDO 9/29/2006 3:21:27 AM)

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