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Food Pellets

( 2/24/2024)

Life Phial

( 2/24/2024)

Sleep Pod

( 2/24/2024)

Sheep's Lozenge

( 2/20/2024)

Vision-Based Autonomous Cars

( 2/9/2024)

Electrical Brain

( 2/9/2024)

Leading Machine

( 2/8/2024)

Supervision Robot (Squid)

( 2/8/2024)

Autonomous Ship

( 2/8/2024)

House Cleaning Device

( 2/8/2024)

Spinner Ship

( 1/16/2024)


( 1/16/2024)

Circuit Inhibiting Destructiveness

( 1/15/2024)

Gyrocosmically Stabilized Interplanetary Rocket

( 1/15/2024)


( 1/14/2024)

Star-Globe (Ship)

( 1/14/2024)


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Current News

Ulm Sleep Pods For The Homeless
'The lid lifted and she crawled inside...'

Prophetic Offers Lucid Dreaming Halo With Morpheus-1 AI
''Leads trail away from insertion points on her face and wrist... to a lucid dreamer...'

More Like A Tumblebug Than A Motorcycle
'It is about the size and shape of a kitchen stool, gyro-stabilized on a single wheel...'

Tesla Camera-Only Vision Predicted In 1930's SF
'By its means, the machine can see.'

First Ever Proof Of Water On Asteroids
'Yes, strangely enough there was still sufficient water beneath the surface of Vesta.'

Aptera Solar EV More Stylish Than Heinlein Steel Tortoise
'When confronted by hills, or rough terrain, it did not stop, but simply slowed until the task demanded equaled its steady power output.'

Gigantic Space Sunshade Would Fight Global Warming
'...the light of the sun had been polarized by two crossed fields so that no radiation could pass.'

Untethered Spacewalk's 50th Anniversary
'But that space walk of mine wasn't so very amazing.'

ESA Designs Huge Inflatable Moonbase
'It was like being inside a balloon; indeed, that was exactly where he was.'

AlphaGarden Robot Cares For Gardens Better Than Humans
'...a simple clock-set servok with pipe and hose arms.'

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