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Negative Matter Space Drive

( 12/3/2018)


( 12/1/2018)

Third Eye

( 11/20/2018)

Test Box

( 11/16/2018)

Sun Dome

( 11/15/2018)


( 11/2/2018)

Light Traps (Dyson Sphere)

( 10/8/2018)

Trans-Oceanic Rocket

( 10/6/2018)


( 10/5/2018)

Home Ad Blocker

( 10/3/2018)

Cushion Fence

( 10/2/2018)

Fruit-Picking Machine

( 9/25/2018)

Automated Factory

( 9/24/2018)

Conscious Farm Machines

( 9/23/2018)

Emotion Meter

( 9/21/2018)

Undersea City

( 9/20/2018)


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Current News

Spicy Tomatoes Created With Genetic Engineering
How about mashed potatoes and brown gravy?

Driverless Hotel Rooms Predicted In 1828
'Did you never see a moving house before?'

Yandex Self-Driving Taxi Is Very Smooth
'The big car was slowing down, its computer brain sensing an exit ahead.'

Shrimp Actually Made Of Algae Is A New Wave Food
Bring in that crop algae.

Cosplay Style Wings Could Work On Moon
'They're lovely! - titanalloy struts as light and strong as bird-bones...'

Tesla Model 3 Has Outside Speaker Grille
Robert Heinlein does it again.

Arizona Luddites Attack Self-Driving Vehicles
'Trucks don't drive by themselves...' Or do they?

Organaut! Russians 3D Print Living Tissue In Space
'For a while your colonists will have to come up [to orbit] to the Hospital...'

WINE Spacecraft To Extract Water From Asteroids
'Yes, strangely enough there was still sufficient water beneath the surface of Vesta.'

Japanese Swordsmiths Take On Asteroids
'... a tiny, rocket-powered projectile, drove towards the mysterious bulk.'

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