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Smarter People Having Fewer Children

( 12/3/2019)

Coffee Cube

( 12/2/2019)


( 12/1/2019)


( 12/1/2019)


( 12/1/2019)

Skull Alarm

( 11/18/2019)


( 11/15/2019)

Frictionless Toilet

( 11/7/2019)


( 11/6/2019)

Coal Mole

( 11/6/2019)

Disney Therapy

( 11/5/2019)


( 11/5/2019)


( 11/5/2019)

Conscious Retarded Animation

( 11/5/2019)

Space Phobia

( 11/1/2019)

Air Speedster

( 11/1/2019)


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Current News

Extremophile Microbe Loves Space Rocks
'... designed for rooting in the metal make-up of the asteroids for vital elements.'

Magic Mushroom Nose Spray From Silo Wellness
'I don't need help... that's not my diagnosis!'

CAV-X Supercavitating Ammo Deadly Underwater
' the midst of this fluid, which is very dense compared with the atmosphere, shots could not go far.'

Space Domes Over-rated? Science Fiction Authors Have Answers
'This was to be roofed over, sealed, and an atmosphere provided...'

Injectable Magnetic Fluid Slows Bleeding, Aids Magneto
'There's something different about you.'

Autonomous Wheelchairs Improve Airport Mobility
'Noiselessly, on rubber-tired wheels, they journeyed down the long aisles...'

HVSD, Kitty Hawk's Electric Plane
Very quiet commuter plane offers VTOL service.

Frictionless Toilet Could Save 140 Billion Liters Of Water
'The bowl was a frictionless surface...'

Viisights AI Hones Video Surveillance
'The math boys worked it out...'

Cybertruck The Solar-Powered Steel Tortoise
'It drew its power from... sunpower screens on its low curved roof.'

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