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Comments on Sprint RFID Loyalty Card Triggers Minority Report-Style Ads
Sprint has developed two RFID applications based on customer loyalty cards that can identify a customer as he or she walks through a store, triggering the appearance of a customized computer avatar on a nearby screen. (Read the complete story)

"If i received one of those ads, i would immediately walk out of the store and never return! I would also cancel any credit cards i had with the store - that is such intrusive b***s***!"
(unix_62 5/24/2004 7:56:45 PM)
"Well, looks like it's time to return to the 'mom and pop' stores for sure. Forget Wal-Mart, Sears, and others. There confidence in their superiority will be their down fall. Can anyone say "no one might by or sell, say he has the mark on his right hand or forehead" ????? It's getting closer than you people think."
( 5/25/2004 1:49:49 PM)
(Papi Chulo 5/25/2004 5:10:06 PM)
"Call me crazy if you will or whatever you like. This isn't too bad in itself. It's when they start putting chips under your skin it becomes scary. As far as I am concerned, a chip under the skin is the same as the mark of the beast and eternal damnation.."
( 5/25/2004 8:08:49 PM)
"The power of RFID and the right communications company is the key to success. Having the vision to see what applications are being used today that can benfit from RFID and wireless communications is the way to start. We need not reinvent the applications we neet to utilize what is there. The medical profession needs to take a step back and wuit scaring everyone with "Glass ecapsulated RFID tags" under the skin and work on a more user friendly tag that can be carried around. Like a "Moble Speed pass fob type device. I do believe some day everyone will have their medical history in their boyd instead of on their body but we need to take these thing in steps. We have the ability to upgrade most existing medical software to RFID compatiblity by just adding the right hardware. Most WM software can be changed from barcode to RFID as well. We would be interested in discussing our ideas. "
(Robert Ament 1/17/2005 2:31:34 PM)
"Why bother, Its just a stupid way of the government keeping an eye on you, In my oppinnion they shoiuld just slap you aswell."
(teh rooter 8/9/2007 8:34:48 PM)
"The potential for profitable deployment of RFID technology spreads across virtually any market in any industry. With heavy R & D investments, they have developed RFID solutions for various industries and carry one of the most comprehensive lines of RFID Readers, RFID Tags, and RFID Antennas.meanwhile,they frequently create new idea ,product and service,which makes our daily life more colorful and convenient."
(glen 2/4/2009 11:24:42 PM)

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