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Comments on Electrodynamic Tethers: Clean Up Debris - Power or Boost Spacecraft
An electrodynamic tether (EDT) is a simple idea, but one with an amazing number of uses. You can power your ship, speed up or slow down. (Read the complete story)

"As of yet, the transient surges have blown out every attempt, in 2 shuttle flights, to generate power. Not currently practical. "
(Charles Wilson 11/6/2004 4:47:37 PM)
"larry niven's rainbow mars deals with a similar concept - would be a good reference for this article "
( 11/6/2004 10:12:04 PM)
"It would seem that a combination of spark gaps, Metal Oxide Varistors cascaded, and High voltage oil-filled capacitors, plus high voltage resistors and gas discharge tubes could be used to create a protected relaxation oscillator ciruit that could feed the primary of a transformer to produce the desired output voltage and current. These would need to be located in a separate, metalically enclosed compartment from sensitive control circuitry."
(Carson Young, PE; EHF 11/17/2004 10:33:34 AM)
"I can see a need to do something to clean up space but am not sure this is the technology to do it. What is going to keep that 20 likometers of wire from snagging another satellite in the prime of its life and bringing it down too?"
( 11/18/2004 8:32:10 PM)
"i have proposed that a carbon nanofiber tether two hundred miles long and attached from the north pole on earth to a collector at the ionosphere two hundred miles up would provide endless vast currents to the planet. the pull of the current flow on the cable to the earths surface would be negated by the push of the current against the ionosphere by the design of the collector. the cable itself could be designed to minimize pull by being wrapped so that the electricity flowed perpendicular to the vertical axis. the collector would be made up of a three dimensional network lattice a kilometer in diameter. oh it will work. you naysayers dont believe it. but my work on it will bring me the nobel prize. not that i care about it. 631 689 9779"
(dr. mitchel eisenstein 12/5/2004 2:40:21 AM)
"Tesla had an electric car, that was powered by an antenna , taking electric power out of the air. A Flying Saucer does the same thing. I found jow it workd and patented it. Nasa Peopulsion Engineers do not like it, as they would be out of their 300K+ jobs. This system can also give homes free energy."
( 12/5/2006 7:44:09 PM)

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