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Comments on Russian Power Boots Can Use Biofuels
These Power Boots are dangerously cool, in fact and in fiction. (Read the complete story)

"Here's a nice diagram -

(Power Boot diagram)

(Bill Christensen 9/15/2006 1:22:05 PM)

"Unfortunately this segment doesn't have much information. They make comparison first with the fast-walking boots from an old children's story. Then they mention that potentially police or military may be using them. The guy testing them says that the only work he needs to do is moving his legs - he is running on straight legs, without bending them. Finally they discuss economic plans. Their first plan is to provide several pairs to various attractions and circuses where people could try them. They are working with some people from Brittain, that have plans to sell the boots at about 1500 pounds per pair. They also have had some inquiries from various other countries (Japan)."
(Elim Garak 9/15/2006 7:46:04 PM)
"I read about these boots several years ago in norwegian men's magazine "Vi Menn" ("We Men"). Around 2001 maybe."
(Norway 9/21/2006 4:03:22 AM)
"I am sorry to inform you but Charles Stross was inspired from the original product. The first time I read an article about this, was sometimes between 1980-1990. That article was published in something called "soviet union" in some countries that were under comunist rulers."
(Mr t:) 9/24/2006 11:24:06 AM)
"That's great info; I appreciate your comments. With this kind of thing, it's always hard to tell. The chronology of ideas is hard to nail down."
(Bill Christensen 9/24/2006 12:51:17 PM)
" This boots was invented in Ufa city in 2001. I'm living in Ufa. Some information in Russian: Picture of the last version this boots (2005) here: "
(Sergey 9/27/2006 5:46:25 AM)
"The idea of this boots is VERY old. It comes from early seventies. It was the Victor Gordeev's final project at Ufa State Aircraft Univercity. It seems to me that also the first pair of boots were build in 70-s. And only in 2001 the first series of this stuff was tested and patented. And only now they are becoming to produce it."
(Aydar 12/19/2006 3:09:04 PM)
"This boots arem made for (walking/flying)! Great info, keep up the good work "
( 3/19/2007 7:59:09 AM)
"Here is another youtube video, showing a gas-powered boot speed trial.

(Gas-powered rocket boots)

(Bill Christensen 3/19/2007 3:22:49 PM)
"Im 13 years old on an english project and we are doing "hoverboots" please make some of these availiable in the uk they would sell really well i for sure would buy some."
(Joe 7/19/2007 9:02:39 AM)
"can you make roket boots that fly."
(micah 10/8/2009 4:24:07 PM)

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