Science Fiction in the News Articles
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Larry Niven

Larry Niven was born in California in 1938; he earned a BA in mathematics from Washburn University, Kansas. His first sf story The Coldest Place was published in 1964. He has won four short-fiction Hugos; he won both the Hugo and Nebula award in 1971 for Ringworld. He is also known for his Tales of Known Space.

Niven is a frequent collaborator; see his other contributions under Niven w/J. Pournelle, Niven w/EM Lerner, Niven w/S. Barnes, Niven w/Pournell, Flynn and Niven w/GC Johnson.

Science fiction in the News articles describe real-world events that relate to the ideas and inventions in sf novels and movies. Select a news article:

Paraglider To Fly From Greece to Egypt
   An Austrian extreme sports enthusiast hopes to take a world's record for his planned flight from Kalamata, Greece to Alexandria, Egypt.
Real Organleggers: Human Organ Trafficking
   What has been described as an "international human organ trafficking syndicate" has been discovered in South Africa. Nine Brazilians and two Israelis have been arrested in Brazil.
Toshiba 0.85 Inch Diameter Hard Drive
   Guiness World Records announced on March 16th that the Toshiba Drive is the smallest in the world. The 0.85-inch HDDs will start mass production at the end of the year.
StratoSail & Altair: Mars Robot Balloons
   StratoSail, a NASA-funded robotic balloon with a wing, and Altair, a Welsh robotic balloon, may hold the key to future Mars exploration.<
Yoda - The World's Oldest Mouse Update
   Yoda, the world's oldest mouse, lives at the UM Medical School. Not the best place for a mouse to attain longevity - but Yoda was born into a geriatrics lab.
ULTra - driverless automatic taxi
   The ULTra, an automated, driverless taxi system, offers a small private car (up to four passengers) that goes straight to the destination set by the user.
A First: Planet Found With Gravitational Microlensing
   The first discovery of a planet around another star using gravitational microlensing was announced yesterday by two research teams - OGLE and MOA.
Liquid Armor In Two Flavors: Shear Thickening and Magnetorheological
   Liquid armor using shear thickening fluid and magnetorheological fluid is being developed to protect soldiers and law enforcement personnel.
Genesis Pathfinder: Space Inflatable Module
   Genesis Pathfinder is an inflatable space habitat scheduled to launch in November 2005. Genesis weighs in at 1,360 kilograms and is approximately 4.6 meters in length by 1.9 meters in diameter; this is a one-third scale model.
IP Cameras - Larry Niven's Webeye?
   IP cameras are providing a real short-cut for the surveillance-minded. Just position and click.
Sleep Room - Better Rest From A To Zzz
   Japan is the land of the rising sun - a sun that rises all too soon for weary commuters and hard-working students who burn the midnight oil. The Matsushita Electric Works Sleep Room may be the answer - sort of like Larry Niven's Napcap Rental Facilit
Metronap Sleep Pod
   The MetroNap Pod inclines forward to allow for easy entry, and then reclines to allow for optimal positioning. The slight elevation of the feet promotes blood circulation, while the elevation of the knees takes pressure off your lower back.
Nap-Cap - How About A Hat-Tip For Larry Niven?
   Maybe it just uses the name, but Heads Up(TM)'s Nap-Cap should at least mention Larry Niven, who thought of it.
Genesis Inflatable Space Module Gets Go-Ahead
   Bigelow Aerospace has been given payload approval for its Genesis inflatable space habitat by FAA-AST. Genesis weighs in at 1,360 kilograms and is approximately 4.6 meters in length by 1.9 meters in diameter; this is a one-third scale model.
Niven's 'Black Power' Now Available In Infrared
   A team lead by University of Toronto scientist Ted Sargent has created a sprayable plastic composite that could harvest as much as thirty percent of the solar power that strikes a surface.
ERNIE The Robot Pharmacist - More Accurate Than Humans
   A robot pharmacist named ERNIE dispenses more than 90 percent of Evergreen Hospital Medical Center's drugs. ERNIE has packaged nearly 400,000 doses in the past nine months and works twenty-four hours per day.
RFID Tags Proposed To Halt Blackmarket Cadaver Trade
   An investigation into illegal sale and distribution of cadavers and body parts at the University of California, Los Angeles, has lead to recommendations that include implanting cadavers and individual body parts with RFID tags.
Brain 'Pacemaker' For Depression Sufferers
   For the first time, deep brain stimulation (DBS) has been shown to treat people suffering from major depression. DBS has been used to successfully treat epilepsy and Parkinson's.
Find Extraterrestrial Civilizations By Their Works
   Should we be looking for extraterrestrial civilizations, rather than just listening for them, as we do in the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project? That is the suggestion of a French astronomer, Luc Arnold
Eye Ball R1 Remote Surveillance Camera
   The Eye Ball R1 is a compact wireless 360į mobile display system. It can be used in tactical operations by law enforcement personnel. If only they team up with the Rotundus robot guys...
Fujitsu Bendable Electronic Color Display - With Memory
   The flexible screen has an image memory function that keeps a vivid color picture in view without expending electricity.
Imation Flash Wristband: Music And Medical Informatics Miracle
   Hey, kill two birds with one stone with this cool item.
Concrete Canvas - Inflatable Concrete Buildings
   This great portable shelter lets you create housing anywhere - even if a housing development would look like hundreds of loaves in a baker's window.
NASA Strategy For Urban Heat island NYC
   NASA has strategies to help small urban heat islands like NYC. Who can help a species with a 'planet' heat island? Larry Niven, that's who.
Terasem Conference On Law Of Transhuman Persons
   This past weekend, the First Annual Colloquium on the Law of Transhuman Persons took place in Florida
Dynasty Trusts Lively Topic For Corpsicles
   Cold cash for corpsicles; before freezing, cryonauts put assets on ice.
SkySeer UAV Drone Soars Over L.A.
   Police surveillance by means of unmanned aerial vehicles starts to spread across the country. Helpful tool or police state enabler? You be the judge.
LSTAT-lite Life Support For Trauma and Transport-lite Demoed
   DARPA's LSTAT-lite was demonstrated earlier this month in a real-life format.
d3o Design Competition To Invent The Future
   Design your own materials for the future using d3o intelligent molecules, and win cash prizes.
Bigelow Genesis I Inflatable First Look
   Larry Niven's inflatable space module really works.
MIT Light-Detecting Fibers Create Niven's Webeye
   Amazing fiber web detects light; science fiction gadgets galore may soon exist.
Donation After Cardiac Death (Wait, I needed that!)
   Larry Niven thought about it in 1967 - doctors are trying to increase the donor pool in more creative ways.
Liquid Armor Video Shows Bullets Bounce Off
   This material looks more and more like the kind of thing that sf writers like Larry Niven wrote about.
World's First Artificial Human Liver Grown In Lab
   The creation of 'mini-livers' from stem cells may be in time to avoid the dangers of too much demand in the organ transplant field.
Maya Hotel Floating Pyramid Island In Caribbean Sea
   I think I've read about this one before; it would be nice to have a hotel you could move.
Almost Niven's Flashlight Laser
   Take a look for yourself at this one.
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation May Provide A Napcap
   TMS may also help with sleep disorders - switch on deep sleep.
Genesis 2 Successfully Inflates Module
   Another successful test of the Genesis inflatable module (not to mention Larry Niven's original concept) yields a nice photo.
Richard Palmer, d3o Inventor, O2 X Entrepreneur of the Year
   Inventor Richard Palmer gets a bit of recognition for bringing science fiction to life for all of us.
Cheap Paint-On Flexible Solar Panels
   I keep thinking there must be some way to turn all the sun-soaked surfaces in my life into power-generators...
Doctor-Bots Play 'Operation'
   Students are hard at work on autonomous surgical robots - Dr. Claw will see you now!
Sony OLED TV Superthin
   This remarkably thin television is now available in Japan; expensive, but the future usually is (at first).
Mobile Journalism Toolkit By Nokia And Reuters
   These companies are not the first to think about what future journalists will need; see what Niven, Varley and Dick had to say.
NEC Translator Cellphone Turns Japanese To English
   This is a very cool translator technology; can you think of additional sf references?
Sentilla Smart Drink Coasters Pervasive Pub Computing
   I'm very impressed with the idea of an ad hoc network that you can set up right in front of yourself and your friends at the pub.
Mobile Social Networking Near You
   Interesting networking software tries to bring useful information about that person right over there to your cell phone.
Small Robot Surveillance Balloons Like Niven's Copseye
   I think that Niven's idea is close enough to be cited as prior art for this patent. I can just see troops carrying a bunch of what looks like party balloons...
Universal Translator, Babelfish Possible
   The idea of a real-life universal translator is usually applied to a human language translator. But what about translating actual alien communication?
Robot Surgeon - Autonomous Tabletop Robotic Surgery At Duke
   Remarkable precision from this autonomous robot; it can perform needle biopsies and other procedures without human guidance.
GINGER Moon Radar Benefits Miners On Earth
   Very neat technology transfer from ESA's space program helps keep Canadian miners safer by detecting hidden cracks in the roofs of mines.
Citysense Nightlife Indicator
   Interesting cellphone app will let you find out where the wild things are - the places where the most people are congregating in a city.
Lilypad City Floating Island Concept
   Great-looking concept design by a Belgian architect shows sustainable living in giant floating ocean cities.
Neural Implant Technology Needs To Improve
   At present, there is no way to permanently implant an electrode or other metallic object deep into the brain without scarring and loss of function.
Deep Sea Mining Tube Worms
   I think Larry Niven nailed this one forty years ago; the idea of a mining worm is even older.
Evolved Earthworms To Clean Up Toxic Metals
   Hardy super worms may provide a way to clean up contaminated soil.
Erotic Sensation Self-Stimulation Via Brain Implants
   Interesting story surfaces about this topic; Larry Niven and Michael Crichton have covered at least some of this ground decades ago.
Photovoltaic Paint On Steel Sheets By The Corus Group
   Fascinating new technology comes only about a decade after Larry Niven wrote about it.
World's Thinnest TV - Sony Bravia ZX1
   This television is pretty close to being the same size and thickness as a poster, which might get some Niven fans thinking.
Fishbowl Spaceship From Armadillo Aerospace
   I'm sure it would be a spectacular ride, but I think I'd want a good crash couch and the Puppeteer guarantee before I went up in one.
Choking On Our Own Waste Heat
   Interesting speculation by two UK professors; even if we solve global warming due to greenhouse gases, this problem still exists.
'Sex Chip' Like Niven's Ecstasy Plug
   Would-be wireheads will no doubt rejoice at this news; others may be less sanguine.
'Volume Control' Ear Protein Uncovered
   Research shows at least part of the mechanism for our ability to protect our ears against extremely loud noises.
Rebuild Highways - Or Think Differently
   It turns out that Larry Niven had an interesting idea for what to do with highways in our modern age.
Sweet Potatoes In Space Questioned By Niven Fans
   This apparently innocent story of research into foods that will grow in space may have an sfnal side, especially for Niven fans.
On-Orbit Space Coffee Cup
   Of course, you'll also want to know whether or not adding sugar and/or milk affects the surface tension of your coffee. By astronaut Donald Pettit.
Supernumerary Phantom Limb Confirmed
   Extremely rare case of an additional phantom limb; fMRI confirms that the patient can use it to feel as if she scratches herself.
Flexpeaker Paper Thin Speakers
   Can you imagine a movie poster - that plays the movie soundtrack - right off the surface of the flat paper movie poster? Well, get to work on it. With video.
iPlant Brain Implant Advocated For Self-Improvement
   If you could affect your own mood by simply pressing a button, would you use it? Would you use it to improve yourself?
Flexible Polymer Fiber Camera
   This technology could be used to create a foldable telescope or a camera that is integrated into clothing.
Shrapnel-Locating Autonomous Robot
   This autonomous robotic arm uses a biopsy needle and a special technique to find bits of shrapnel as small as 2 mm needle fragments in the body.
Mars Robot Takes Up Stargazing
   Robots with time (and energy) on their hands need tasks to perform. How about spending time looking up, and not just down, at a planetary surface?
Hovering Crowd Control Beam
   Who would think of using non-lethal beams from the air to enforce civilized behavior?
Spray-On Nano-Ink Solar Cells
   Solar cells in a convenient spray can? Not impossible, say University of Texas researchers.
Magnetic Monopoles Detected?
   Do magnetic monopoles exist? And can you mine them?
SkyTran's Sky Pod MagLev Taxis
   Speaking as someone who spent about 6,000 hours commuting to work in a car and steering it down the same road over and over, I'd rather just ride, thanks. When do I get my Sky Pods?
Sleepbox Like Niven's Napcap
   Just the thing for weary travelers, it looks like someone was reading Larry Niven. But where's the sleep induction cap?
App Turns iPhone Into Autodoc (Almost)
   It doesn't treat your injuries (yet), but the Pocket First Aid & CPR app provided enough information and assistance to save the life of a man trapped by the earthquake in Haiti.
Police iDrone UAVs With Tasers
   The idea of a small flying surveillance vehicle that does more than just watch has been around for quite a while.
Mycotectural Buildings Made Of Fungus
   Fungus bricks - the building material of the future? It can also be used as packing material to replace non-biodegradeable styrofoam.
Human Vein Bioprinted In 3D
   Organic artificial organs, printed by request, from ready-mix prepared from your own cells, avoiding that annoying need for lifelong anti-rejection drug cocktails. Excellent.
The Cygnus Bubble And Astroengineering
   Enjoyable space image helps sf fans stretch their imaginations a bit.
Artificial 'Muscle' Has Elasticity
   Forget those mushy muscle-cell-only artificial muscles; this new material should give them some stretch and some pop.
Micromasonry 'Biological Legos' Building New Organs
   New technique for putting 3-dimensional structure in artificial organs.
Make Money With Artificial Intelligence
   'I've learned not to question the AI.' Advice to take to the bank - or famous last words?
Inflatable Lofts For NASA 'Campers' On Moon And Mars
   I love it when I already have a good idea what NASA is looking for in a contest because I read about it decades ago in sf.
Hubble Shows 'smoke wound in a tight spiral coil'
   Larry Niven gave us a view decades before this Hubble photo. Thanks, Larry.
Small Human Livers Grown In Lab
   The shortage of livers for transplant may be a solvable problem.
DEFLEXION Apparel For Superheroes
   High impact protection while retaining excellent breathability and washability.
Electronic Sunglasses Designer Needs Your Help!
   Ever wanted to be a venture capitalist? Bring these glare-reducing glasses into reality as a consumer product at KickStarter.
Binishells Graceful Housing
   This may just be the quickest way to construct a permanent shelter.
Earthworms Absorb Copper Nanomaterials From Soil
   Update! on copper nanoparticle toxicity study. Engineered nanomaterials can be taken up from the environment and moved up the food chain.
Miami-Dade Police First To Use UAV Drones?
   What US city will be the first to deploy surveillance drones developed by the military?
BBC's iPhone App For Field Reporters
   The BBC is adapting the iPhone for their own journalistic purposes.
Spherical Flying Robot Hovers, Flies At 40 MPH
   This flying spherical robot is highly maneuverable, indoors and out.
Insomnia? Try Cooling Your Brain
   Insomnia can be very difficult to treat; this idea may provide a non-prescription answer.
Printed Artificial Capillary Blood Vessels
   We need these for the lager, more complex artiforgs we've already made.
C-Path Computational Pathologist Better Than Doctors
   Computerized systems keep getting better; one day they may be better than human doctors.
Solar Power Paint For Any Size Solar Cells
   One coat solar paint can be applied to any conductive surface to create an instant solar cell.
Ultrathin Brain Needle Developed At MIT
   Putting drugs into a selected cubic millimeter within the living brain.
BAE System 'Bullet Proof Custard' Body Armor
   'The pressure suit was soft and malleable under gentle pressures, such as walking, but instantly became rigid all over when something struck it.'
'Human Textiles' Woven From Donor Cells
   First organ printing, now weaving with human cells.
Printable Liquid Solar Cells
   'What's finally knocked the bottom out is this new solar electric paint.'
Blueseed Offshore Floating Corporation Ready By 2014
   ' islands bringing life to a watery desert.'
10K Illegal Kidneys Transplanted Every Year
   'Any one of these units could be packed in a travel case at a moment's notice...'
Cryonics Movement Loses Founder (Temporarily)
   'Pay for suspended animation while medical science caught up with what was wrong with him...' - Robert Heinlein, 1956
Transparent Solar Cell Film Has Clear Advantages
   'It turns sunlight into electricity... you spray it on.'- Larry Niven, 1995.
Custom Cartilage Via 3D Printer
   Bespoke body parts? Print what you need.
Laser-Armed Robots To Do Weed Control
   "Got yourself a runaway pest controller.' ... 'Any armament?'- Michael Crichton, 1985.
AI 'Doctor' System Better Than Human
   'But they got him into the autodoc anyway.'- Larry Niven, 1970.
'Bio-Ink' For Printing Human Organs
   'For a while your colonists will have to come up to the Hospital to get treatment with the ramrobot symbiots...'- Larry Niven, 1968.
Peel And Stick Thin Film Solar Cells
   'It turns sunlight into electricity, just like any solar power converter, but you spray it on.'- Larry Niven, 1995.
Mini-Livers Made By 3D Printer
   Organlegging may not be the growth industry that some fear.
The F-Bike Flies!
   'The flycycles... a pair of four foot spheres joined by the constriction that held the saddle.'- Larry Niven, 1970.
Artificial Magnetic Monopoles Created
   Could monopoles exist in nature? Might they be found in exotic materials in space?
Flexible Smartphone Displays From LG
   'She set up a screen: a television that unrolled like a poster.'- Larry Niven, 1976.
Child Trafficked To Britain By Organleggers
   'The doctor took him apart with exquisite care, like disassembling a flexible, fragile, tremendously complex jigsaw puzzle.'- Larry Niven, 1967.
CUPID Intercept Drone Like Niven's Copseye
   'Copseyes floated overhead... each a sonic stunner... they were there to enforce the law...'- Larry Niven, 1972
Momo App Locates 100M Possible Dates Nearby
   'Locate where she's sitting, put the cursor on it...'- Larry Niven, 1998.
USC Google Glass Journalism - As Seen On Star Trek: Generations
   'Jerryberry talked rapidly to himself while he panned the camera...'- Larry Niven, 1972.
Dolphin Whistle Translator
   'Louis could hear the other translator discs whistling softly in Puppeteer, snarling quietly in the Hero's Tongue.'- Larry Niven, 1970.
Google Autonomous Electric Car Prototype Unveiled
   'She gestured him ahead of her, toward a bubble-car...'- Larry Niven, 1976.
3D Printed Food Served In German Nursing Homes
   'The food slot gave him flat reddish-brown bricks.'- Larry Niven, 1970.
Low Cost Spray-On Solar Cells
   'It turns sunlight into electricity... you spray it on.'- Larry Niven, 1995.
AliveCor App Detects Heart Arrhythmias, Has FDA Approval
   Works on humans and puppeteers. Virtual Nurse Will See You Soon
   The virtual nurse is IN.
Bigelow's Inflatable BEAM Module Ready For ISS In 2015
   'The bubble had inflatable seats and an inflatable table...'- Larry Niven, 1994.
Foodini 3D Printer
   ''...Food slot gave him flat reddish-brown bricks.'- Larry Niven, 1970.
Colloidal Quantum Dots Make Spray-On Solar Cells Possible
   'Black Power... you spray it on.'- Larry Niven, 1995
Radisens' Gemini Instant Blood Tests
   It's a step toward a universal medical testing device.
GimBall Indoor Search Drone From Flyability
   'Twice the usual number of copseyes floated overhead'- Larry Niven.
LiquiGlide Will Be Everywhere
   'They poured the remnants of eggs out of their frictionless cups...'- Larry Niven, 1973.
Periscope App Signals End Of Journalism
   'Jerry berry... panned the camera...'- Larry Niven, 1972.
Love That Shear Thickening Fluid Body Armor
   'The pressure suit was soft ... instantly became rigid all over when something struck it...'- Larry Niven, 1966.
Pepper Spray Drones Do Crowd Control For Indian Police
   'Basketball-sized, twelve feet up... they were there to enforce the law...'- Larry Niven, 1972.
LG Display Creates OLED Wallpaper
   'A television that unrolled like a poster...'- Larry Niven, 1976
3D Printed Spherical Flying Machine
   'Gold dots against blue, basketball-sized, twelve feet up....' - Larry Niven, 1972.
Computer Finds Cancer Doctors Miss
   The computer will see you now.
Please, Please Let There Be Regenerated Teeth
   'Toothbud transplants...' - William Gibson, 1984.
Armed Drone Opens Fire
   'Each a television eye and a sonic stunner...' - Larry Niven, 1972.
See LG OLED Wallpaper - Amazing Video
   '... television that unrolled like a poster' -Larry Niven, 1976.
Surgery In Space
   ' It was a ... coffin, form-fitted to Nessus himself...' - Larry Niven, 1972.
Heart-In-A-Box Saves Organ For Later
   'Storage in the hospital's organ banks...' - Larry Niven, 1967.
Lab-Grown Kidneys Implanted Successfully - In Animals
   'For a while your colonists will have to come up to the Hospital to get treatment with the ramrobot symbiots'- Larry Niven, 1968.
WEpod Driverless Vehicle On The Netherlands Roads
   'The car moved smoothly away. Mirelly-Lyra half relaxed; she was not steering.' - Larry Niven, 1978.
A Solar System Swept Clean - For A Dyson Swarm
   'They cleaned it out...' - Larry Niven, 1970
Niven's King's Free Park - In Toronto
   'King's Free Park had been part of the San Diego Freeway...' - Larry Niven, 1970.
California Proposes Ban On Driverless Vehicles
   'She gestured him ahead of her, toward a bubble-car...'- Larry Niven, 1976.
Islamic State Now Organlegging?
   'His heart went into storage immediately...' -Larry Niven, 1967.
DIY Armed UAV (Toy)
   'Each a television eye and a sonic stunner...' - Larry Niven, 1972.
Denisovans, Neandertals... And Us?
   'But in far realms, among strange hominids, you couldn't shun each other, either.' - Larry Niven, 1996.
3D Printing Dinner
   'The food slot gave him flat reddish-brown bricks.'- Larry Niven, 1970.
Breakthrough Starshot Sends Chip Craft To The Stars
   'There was a laser cannon big enough to punch a hole through We Made It's moon.' - Larry Niven, 1966.
Cool 'Single-Person Spaceships' Have Better SF Name
   'A cabin so small, you couldn't stand up with the air lock closed..' - Larry Niven, 1969.
Rowbot Small Autonomous Farm Robot
   '...The tiny red glints of self-guided tractors.' - Larry Niven, 1966.
SpotMini Robot Pierson's Puppeteer-Style
   Now they're kind of cute, right?
City Made Of Bone
   'The cheapest building material known...' - Larry Niven, 1968.
Converting Low Temp Waste Heat To Electricity
   'Our civilisation was dying in its own waste heat.'
Once A Jolly Swagbot Camped By A Billabong
   Under the shade of a coolibah tree.
Human Doctors Still Better Than Computers
   'Nowadays surgery was normally done by autodocs...' - Larry Niven, 1966.
The Hands-Free Hectare
   Life on the farm - is changing toward the robotic...
Drug Creates Real Melanin Tan
   I've used them all my life...
Liquid Body Armor For TALOS Exoskeleton
   '... instantly became rigid all over when something struck it...' - Larry Niven, 1966.
Breakthrough Starshot Sprites Yearn For Alpha Centauri
   'Whoever launched it fired a laser cannon...' - Niven and Pournelle, 1971.
CNH Industrial Autonomous Tractor Concept Video
   '...the tiny red glints of self-guided tractors.' - Larry Niven, 1966.
Foldable Galaxy Phones, I Swear They're Coming (Maybe)
   Apparently, it is very hard to do. We've been patient, though.
iFlytek Doctor Robot First To Pass Medical Exams
   No problem, we'll just use the autodoc.
Multi-Robot Farming On Highly Sloped Land
   High Plains, indeed.
LG Rollable Version Of Niven's Poster TV
   'A television that unrolled like a poster.' - Larry Niven, 1976.
Mass Production Of In Vitro Meat From One Sample
   They're Assimilating Our Culture, That's What They're Doing
First 3D Printed Human Corneas From Stem Cells
   Just what we need! Lots of spare parts.
Has Climate Change Already Been Solved By Aliens?
   'I had explained," said Nessus, "that our civilisation was dying in its own waste heat.' - Larry Niven, 1970.
Somnox Sleep Robot - Your Sleepytime Cuddlebot
   Science fiction authors are serious about sleep, too.
Biomind AI Doctor Mops Floor With Human Doctors
   'My aim was just not to lose by too much.' - Human Physician participant.
Space Traumapod For Surgery In Spacecraft
   ' It was a ... coffin, form-fitted to Nessus himself...' - Larry Niven, 1972.
Inspired By Japan, Nap Pods For Hajj
   It's always a good time for a nap.
Organaut! Russians 3D Print Living Tissue In Space
   'For a while your colonists will have to come up [to orbit] to the Hospital...' - Larry Niven, 1968.
Get Your Speeder Flying Motorcycle From Jetpack Aviation
   'The flycycles were miracles of compact design.' - Larry Niven, 1970.
Kazahk Ironist Protester Arrested For Blank Sign Protest
   '...a man carried a white rectangular sign, blank on both sides.' - Larry Niven, 1972.
Lost Language Meanings Found By Machine Learning
   'The autopilot would need data before it could begin a translation...' - Larry Niven, 1970.
China Accused Of Harvesting Organs From Unwanted Groups
   'The death penalty was his immortality, and he would vote the death penalty for any crime at all.' Larry Niven, 1967.
Engineered Living Building Materials
   '... it was the cheapest building material known.' Larry Niven, 1968.
A Passing Drone Has Covid-19 Advice
   'Gold dots against blue, basketball-sized, twelve feet up.' Larry Niven, 1972.
PEDOT Polymer Could Enhance Brain-Machine Interfaces
   'the hair-fine wire going deep into Owen's brain, down into the pleasure center.' - Larry Niven, 1969.
Portsmouth, OH Residents Don't All Favor Drone Surveillance
   '...a kid bounced a missile off a golden ball.' - Larry Niven, 1972.
Florida Man Felt Harassed By Drone, Shoots It Down
   '...a kid bounced a missile off a golden ball.' - Larry Niven, 1972.
Anti-Forced Organ Harvesting Global Summit
   'The doctor was a line of machines with a conveyor belt running through them.' - Larry Niven, 1967.
Your Martian Dream Home, Made By Fungi
   '... it was the cheapest building material known.' - Larry Niven, 1968.
T. Gondii And The Leaders Of The Pack
   '... infected males were more than 46 times more likely to become pack leaders than uninfected males.'
Sleeping Pods In Tokyo Railway Stations
   '... she was asleep before the lid sealed fully back in place.' - Larry Niven, 2003.
Laser-Wielding Weeding Robot Rules In Densely Planted Chard
   'The mirror-blossom was a terrible weapon.' - Larry Niven, 1965.
Are You Ready To Zoom With Dr. ChatGPT?
   'Skarwold pushed a switch and Katzís autodoc sprayed sedative into his lungs.' - Larry Niven, 1965.
Let's Make Slaver Sunflowers! Engineering Plants To Reflect Light
   'The mirror-blossom was a terrible weapon.' - Larry Niven, 1965.
Ulm Sleep Pods For The Homeless
   'The lid lifted and she crawled inside...' - Larry Niven, 2000.



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