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AI-Trained Snack App Avatar Goes On Dates For You

Dating app Snack isn't your parent's dating app - or so it claims. It does have a feature that is new to Gen-X users - the ability to send an AI-trained avatar of themselves to go chat with other users. If your avatar thinks there might be match for you, it will report back.

As Snack says on their website, epic updates.

Snack users, get ready for some epic updates!

We added a new avatar discovery feature that lets you chat with other users through our AI bot And if you're feeling curious, you can see what other users are chatting with your own AI bot too

It's like a virtual dating party just for you Like and chat your way to love!

Science fiction readers know that this idea was discussed by science fiction prodigy Stanislaw Lem in his 1974 work The Futurological Congress. You'd just let your handbag computer deal with it.

Dinner with Aileen again, at the "Bronx." A sweet girl, always has something to say, not like those women in the scuttle who let their handbag computers carry all the conversation. Today at the Lost and Found I saw three of the things quietly chatting in a corner, until they got into an argument.

A similar situation was addressed in the 1934 story The Robot and The Lady, in which a lonesome roboticist longed to meet and impress a fellow researcher of the female persuasion - so naturally, he sent a robot!

For three years I’d been writing to my only important colleague in the field. Miss Muriel Winthrop. It began with my note of praise for her findings anent artificial ganglia. She answered cordially by return mail. After that we corresponded steadily.

Our letters progressed from informal to friendly to affectionate. And we’d planned to meet today in New York, in De Kalb’s Restaurant on Forty-seventh Street, each wearing a white flower. And we’d both more than hinted at the extra-scientific relationship we hoped that meeting would bring about.

But who was I, scrawny, fluffy-headed Alvin Peabody, to go romance-seeking with a flower for guide? How would I fare on what students call a “blind date”? My prize robot, tall, dashing, would speak and act for me. Into his buttonhole I slid a fresh white gardenia...

(Read more about the teleoperated robot surrogate)

This story is just two pages - why not read The Robot and the Lady, by Manly Wade Wellman, in the October 1938 issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories!

Thanks to Yossi Preminger @ExoThinker for contributing this story idea. Via FastCompany.

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