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'Birds Aren't Real' An NPR Gen-Z Conspiracy

NPR recently aired an amusing story about a group of people determined to start a new movement claiming that birds are not real. This was based on the following TED talk.

MCINDOE: From 1969 through 2001, the U.S. government murdered over 12 billion birds in the American skies...

MCINDOE: They did this using poisonous toxins dropped from airplanes. It was contagious and murdered all of the birds over the course of about 40 years. For each bird the government killed, they replaced it with a surveillance drone replica in disguise, designed to spy on the American people. The proof that birds are robots is all around us if you start looking. For starters, birds charge their batteries on power lines.

I've already written about interesting parts of this story. For example, DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, put together a project to see if tiny drones could recharge on power lines - see Tiny Spyplanes May Recharge On Power Lines.

More recently, I reported on this story regarding California in 2018 - Birds Aren't Real - Wake Up, California! (With Bird Watching Guide). I include this robot bird-watching guide:

- Robotic Bird has USAF Flocking
††- Tiny Spyplanes May Recharge On Power Lines
††- COM-BAT Robotic 'Bat' On Order From UM
††- Robotic Hummingbird Spy
††- Surveillance Drone Bird Crashes
††- Army's New Bird-Like Surveillance UAV
††- Robot Bird Alights On Human Hand
††- SHEPHERD-MIL, A Birdlike Soaring UAV
††- Robo-Raven Flapping Wing Robot Bird
- Bat Bot Robotic Flapping-Wing Drone
- Robotic Crow Design, Like Crows, Is A Bit Creepy
- Festo BionicSwift Bird Robots Described In 1930
- Army's New Bird-Like Surveillance UAV

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