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"What has allowed so many Psychopathic Personalities to rise so high in corporations and government, is that they are so decisive. Unlike normal people, they are never filled with doubts, for the simple reason that they cannot care what happens next."
- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

San-Ray Projector  
  Device produces a habit-forming, nerve-tingling ray that clouds the mind.  

Completely circular, cloaked in gloom, its walls were divided into tiny cubicles, each separated from the other by a flimsy partition some four feet high.

Every cubicle held a luxurious, silk-draped divan, and in the wall at the head of the divans, a curious tangle of mechanism was visible. These were the san-ray projectors* which poured their thin yellow light over the limp forms lying on the divans.

(San-Ray Projector from 'Hell Ship of Space')

Ranson glanced about the big room. Men and women lay upon their divans, some sighing ecstatically under the nerve-tingling ray, some lost in queer disordered dreams; and some in the last stage, that of the deep sleep of nervous exhaustion.

(* The san-ray was the discovery of Dr. Samuel Andrew Nolly, who used his initials as a name for it. Stimulating to the sensitory nerves of the human system, it produced a delightfully caressing sensation that was at once as exhilarating as a cold shower and as soothing as a massage.
Under its rays' thought was impossible, only sensation remained, along with queer opiumlike dreams which clouded the brain until the user at length fell into a sleep of nervous exhaustion. At first hailed as a great nerve stimulator, the true effects of the san-ray soon became apparent.
To begin with, it was as habit-forming as a narcotic; the nerves, let down after the strange tingling vibration, cried for the ray's soothing titillation. After a time, the lips and nails took on a yellow hue, and the overstimulated nerves of the body began to break down under the forced activation.
When completely broken down, there were two outcomes for the san-ray addict—complete paralysis, with the overstimulated nerves refusing to convey further feeling; or, worse still, madness. Small wonder the san-ray had been forbidden, outlawed, banished to this hell-ship which lay beyond all law.—Ed.)

Technovelgy from Hell Ship of Space, by Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr..
Published by Amazing Stories in 1940
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