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"People ask me how I do research for my science fiction. The answer is, I never do any research. I just enjoy reading the stuff, and some of it sticks in my mind and fits into the stories."
- Frederik Pohl

Bio-Implant (Compensator Chip)  
  A neural implant that helps an autistic child to live a more complete and useful life.  

I hardly ever talk about my chip. It's a private thing, but even if it wasn't, I wouldn't talk abut it because it makes people uncomfortable to know that I have a superpower...

According to Mom, back on Earth, it's not unusual for people to have things wired into their brains so they have an always-on connection to the web...

...I have a compensator chip. That's what makes me so good at everything. My chip makes me smarter than just about anybody. I can do better and faster research."

From Hella, by David Gerrold.
Published by DAW Books in 2020
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At one point, Kyle decides to see what it's like without the implant:

"...the implant is supposed to adjust itself to the circumstances of the individual. It's supposed to adjust to your emotional and physical and developmental changes. But along the way, there's an effect. It's expected. But it isn't totally predictable...

"If we turn off the management and input matrices, Kyle, you'll be completely on your own. Your body, your brain, your sense of self - you'll be operating without a safety net... It's the only way to recalibrate your baseline [personailty]...

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