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"Money to me is freedom, and freedom is essential. Money allows me to say that I will now devote my life to being me, rather than putting on my shoes and tie, and going to an office every day."
- Robert Silverberg

Telepadion Instructor  
  A device that places an entire sensory experience directly into the brain.  

I awoke; opened my eyes. Where was I? The remembrance of my recent experiences flooded my mentality; I looked about. The pain had completely left my head; and — I was back in the laboratory — back in the schoolroom of the astrophysics class of the Earthron laboratory.

Dully I felt for my temples; they were throbbing! The pads of a headphone came off into my hands. I turned wondering eyes about as a step approached.

The kindly old face of Professor D Four-Ten was approaching. He was smiling.

“Well, my boy,” he said. “You have had your lesson. Are you ready for recitation?”

“Why,” I gasped. “Why — I thought — for a moment ...”

“I know,” he said understandingly. “You thought that you were actually living those experiences. The Telepadion Instructor sent artificial nerve irritations to the brain through the brush-pad contacts at your temple. By thus actually experiencing — or seeming to experience your lesson in space navigation it has branded its theme indelibly into your brain.”

I looked with new respect at the intricate Telepadion instructor, which was enclosed in a cabinet very similar to that of a radio.

My entire adventure had come from a long celluloid strip record which moved slowly under a needle. The thought impressions were carried from the needle to my brain center, just as if I had actually lived them.

From An Adventure on Eros, by J. Harvey Haggard.
Published by Wonder Stories in 1931
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Compare to the Life Chamber from The Chamber of Life (1929) by G. Peyton Wertenbaker, the magic spectacles from Pygmalion's Spectacles (1935) by Stanley G. Weinbaum, the Saga technology from Arthur C. Clarke's The City and the Stars (1956). I'd also mention the feelies from Aldous Huxley's Brave New World (1932), although the feelies did not offer a fully immersive experience, and stimsim from William Gibson's Neuromancer (1984).

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