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"It's hard to tell stories about critters that are not human. John W. Campbell tried it, in "Twilight," and everybody says it's a wonderful story, and nobody ever reads it twice."
- Jerry Pournelle

Synchrophased Power Beams  
  Focuses energy beams from multiple planets on the same object.  

Intruders! The object entering the solar system on what appears to be a cometary orbit is plainly no comet. Better blast first and ask questions later.

The Department of War was being feverishly organized to coordinate every erg of energy in the entire solar system into synchrophased power beams which at a given moment would stab out from the four planets at once - all of them on the same side of the sun - and converge terribly on the pseudo comet. There would be no material weapon for the ships detectors to note in time for any maneuver of escape. This weapon would strike at the speed of light. An object in the focus of the combined beams would experience the interior temperature of a sun... But the computation of the phase relationships of the moving planetary projectors, so that the separate beams would reinforce instead of partially canceling one another, was a task of terrifying complexity... Days or weeks were required for the adjustment of the multitude of beams for a hit on a predetermined spot.
From Propagandist, by Murray Leinster.
Published by Astounding Science-Fiction in 1947
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